Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Christmas 2017

Every year it’s a struggle of what to get for family and friends. You run out to department stores and last minute sales just to find the perfect gift. Here is a list of unique gifts for Christmas to buy all types of people on your list.

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

Let’s face reality. We’re all on a budget in this economy. So when it comes to Christmas this year, it’s best to think cheaply and uniquely. Here are some great ideas for gifts under $20 that will make your friends and family think you went out and spent a fortune:

  • Gifts for the children amongst your friends and family are the most important. Christmas is for the kids, right? The Silly Book by Stoo Hample is a book of literal silliness. It includes silly songs, stories, poems and activities. The Silly Book (with CD) is on sale from Amazon for $11.55.
  • If buying for a boy, a great buy is The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn and Hal Iggulden. The book has activities for father and son to do together such as tanning a skin or playing stick ball. It reawakens a boy’s spirit in a father, thus allowing father and son to create their own adventures. The Dangerous Book for Boys is on sale from Amazon for $17.79.
  • If buying for a girl, a temporary hand tattoo set can be artistic and fun. Girls may be too young to wear makeup, but a hand tattoo set allows a girl to paint in a variety of colors different animal faces to make cute hand puppets such as a zebra, alligator, giraffe, etc. The temporary hand tattoo set is on sale for $12 at
  • Teenagers can often be the easiest customers. One thing a teenager usually loves is music. How about buying a teenager a piece of history i.e. a record? (It’s best to make sure parents have an old recorder player or you can provide one to borrow). Buy teens a small piece of history and see what they think. You might spur a lifelong love of vinyl.

Gifts for Adults and Other Holiday Presents

For adults, here are some ideas:

  • For adults who have everything, buy a fun and wacky date night. For example, purchase play cards from Dave & Busters. $20 per adult can buy them plenty of games to play i.e. skee ball, basketball toss, video games, etc. It’s a fun and unusual date night.
  • Buy adults wacky movies in the form of DVDs. Choose some great ones they may not normally watch i.e. The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Zombieland, etc. Anything off the cuff is the best pick.
  • Volunteer to make the adults dinner in lieu of gifts. Throw a small dinner party for all the adults, budgeting for $20-30 per adult. (This idea is best if there are only a few couples–not if you come from a family of 20 adult first cousins.) It will be a memorable dinner that may start a family, holiday tradition.

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