Toddler Christmas Gift Ideas

Toddler Christmas gift shopping is not easy, as it is hard to know what will impress these little people with their growing sense of independence. Sticking to toddler appropriate toys makes the choice a little easier, while knowing what the child is interested in can make gift shopping really simple.

Toddler Books

Books are great for toddlers as they are beginning to speak and associate written words with spoken words. Toddlers have a longer attention span than they once did, making it easier for them to enjoy books that are a little bit longer than baby board books. Books with detailed pictures and large writing are fun for toddlers to look at. As they begin to talk, most toddlers enjoy the alphabet and numbers, making these great topics for toddler Christmas book ideas.

Imitation Toys for Toddlers

Imitation is something that toddlers do on a regular basis, from things like pretending to talk on the phone to pretending to prepare food. There are so many options for parents to choose from when it comes to imitation toys. This makes it easy for parents to choose the items that their child most enjoys. Toddler imitation toys range from computers, to cell phones, baby dolls and even simple things like toy coffee makers. These toys are sure to make young children feel as though they have a strong sense of independence and are allowed to play with their own versions of mommy and daddy’s things.

Toddler Skill-Building Toys

Skill-building toys help toddlers to strengthen their problem solving skills and lengthen their attention span. Great toddler Christmas toy ideas in this category include sorting toys, stacking blocks and large puzzles. Parents should look for bright toys in various shapes and sizes, making sure to stick to the recommended age by the manufacturer. Toddlers also benefit from toys that build their reading abilities, such as number and letter games.

Children’s Arts and Crafts

Toddlers love playing with arts and crafts, especially the messy kinds. Parents can look for items like play-dough, large crayons and toddler building kits for their child this Christmas. Musical items are also great for stimulating brain development. Many companies now sell musical instruments, such as keyboards and drums, for toddlers.

Practical Toddler Gifts

Practical toddler gifts also come in handy at Christmas time. These include clothing, diapers, wipes, potties, snacks and plastic dishes. While toddlers usually get excited by ripping into a gift that contains toys, parents of toddlers deeply appreciate practical gifts that will help them out at home.

When shopping for toddler Christmas gifts, it is important to first know what the toddler enjoys playing with or looking at. By this age, children are building their own skills and personality and are able to communicate what they enjoy or don’t enjoy. If the child’s interests are taken into consideration, she is sure to enjoy her Christmas gifts this winter.

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