Tis the Season to Have a Frugal Christmas

You may choose to buy smaller gifts, or make some homemade crafts. Another option would be to draw names or play a game to limit the number of presents you have to buy. This idea works especially well for large families with lots of nieces, nephews, and cousins to think about.

Ideas for Buying Smaller Christmas Gifts

If you are considering buying smaller gifts, you can do this in many ways. While smaller is not always cheaper, it can definitely cut down on the cost of jewelry or decorative items. For example, instead of new diamond earrings for your mom, you might want to consider a simulated stone instead. Many are just as pretty, and your mom will probably care more that the gift came from you, than whether or not it’s a precious stone.

When it comes to decorative items like candles or prints, smaller is always cheaper. You may be able to find three smaller items for half the price of one large. You may also want to check the clearance aisles to find great deals.

Ideas for Making Homemade Christmas Gifts

Consider what talents you have and how much time you have when choosing to make a gift for a loved one. If you have plenty of time and a talent (or the ability to learn one), you can make some beautiful heartfelt gifts. You may even get the added bonus of learning a new skill.

Other ideas for homemade gifts might include:

  • Cookie mix in a jar recipes
  • Gingerbread house

Homemade gifts can look just as elegant, if not more, than what you can find in stores. For instance, gift baskets and meals in baskets can be a delight to the receiver of the gift. Plus, there are plenty of homemade bath and body recipes that you can whip up on your own and package for your gift list recipients. You can find bath and body recipes for men and women. Find some bath recipes for women here: Make Your Own Bath Care Products.

Fun Christmas Games to Play

One fun thing to do when trying to have a more frugal Christmas is to hold a game that your entire family (extended family included) can participate in. You can either choose to draw names or have everyone buy one gift for the same sex to exchange.

A great option is to play a Santa bingo game. In this fun activity, everyone one plays bingo to win a prize. If you are the winner, you can choose a gift from under the tree or take one from your neighbor. Each person will bring one gift to put under the tree, and then you just sit back and watch the swapping begin.

All of these options can be great ways to save money over the holiday season. Whichever you choose, just have fun and do not ever feel guilty for enjoying a more frugal Christmas. They are usually the most fun anyway. Most people find the memories and handmade gifts to offer more than any department store gift ever could.

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