Tips to Save Money for Christmas

It may seem like a while away yet, but the reality is, if you’re not well-prepared in advance, the festive season can rear its eager head faster than you can say ‘Christmas stocking.’ So whether you’re buying for a troop of little ones, a couple of tantrum-tossting teens, a picky partner, or your office ‘secret-Santa’, your funds need to be prepared to withstand the festive drain.

And what better way to be fully armed than by following some simple common-sense tips, including earning through cash back.

Top Ten Tips

  1. Sign up to cash back websites. While shopping online for any items, from a book to a holiday abroad, by using these sites you earn commission, cash which is paid into your account after a couple of months. It’s all legit as these websites earn their money through advertising.
  2. In addition to shopping through cash back websites; you can also earn a few extra pence by conducting searches through their sites.
  3. Another quick earner is sorting through that attic and unearthing small treasures you’re willing to sell. These can be anything from old board games to unwanted jewelry. Either get them down to the local car boot, or create an account here and sell them online.
  4. Do you live near a town hub or good transport links? Why not rent a vacant space on your drive for another to use whenever it suits you?
  5. It may seem like a long shot, but taking part in competitions can be fast earners. It takes persistence and there’s no guarantee. However, you’ll be thankful if you receive an unexpected check in the post!
  6. Got a degree, great A-levels or another skill? Why not post your talent in a local newspaper and offer a tutoring service?
  7. Sign yourself up for one of these. Download the tool bar and earn points through you and your family’s yahoo search.
  8. If you eat out regularly, or would like to be able to, why not sign up for a Taste card? There’s an initial fee for the membership, though you should find that you’ve already saved money after your first outing. When signing up for the card enter the promotion code ‘dinner’ and receive £20 off the price of the card.
  9. We’re always struck by a bargain when grocery shopping, but remember, you’d pay less if you didn’t buy into it. If you do think it’s worth it, be sure to check the price per quantity to ensure it’s a deal and not just a fancy way of encouraging you to buy in excess.
  10. For an expert opinion, always keep up to date with this website. Here, you’ll find plenty of recommendations and ideas on how to stock those pennies into pounds.

A Final Recommendation

If the above list sounds somewhat exhausting, or you just don’t have the time, keep in mind an absolute top tip for saving money is to avoid impulsive buys. When you arrive at the grocery store or clothing outlet, stick to a strict list of necessities. While every once in a while, we enjoy a splurge; keep them infrequent and hold-off until after-Christmas, when prices have retuned to a more reasonable fee. Enjoy your money, but always put it to good use!

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