Tips for Making Homemade Christmas Stockings: Do-It-Yourself Holiday Craft Ideas for Easy Christmas Stockings

Rather than spend more and get less, many families are choosing to save money by making their own decorations for the holidays. Simple projects not only reduce costs but bring family members together in the process. The results may be simple or spectacular but the effort and fun had by all, as well as the savings, add up to more than enough reasons to try some homemade craft stockings.

Felt Craft Project Christmas Stockings

A simple material to use, felt is both affordable and flexible. Because it does not fray felt does not require seams and sewing machine skills. In fact, felt glue and good scissors are really all that is required. Polyester felt can be purchased by the yard at any fabric store and can be found in bright Christmas colors as well as pastels. Matching stockings in green and red are traditional, but a pretty soft blue edged in snowy white would be an attractive option as well.

After sketching out a stocking design on news-print, an adult with sharp scissors can cut through two layers of felt to create a matched set of front and back pieces. By applying a thick layer of felt glue to the border of one felt stocking piece and carefully aligning the second stocking piece the base of the stocking is complete. Cut out felt designs of snowmen, holly leaves, or other Christmas designs can be added to the front and a ribbon loop for hanging safety pinned to the back.

Felted Wool Simple Sewing Christmas Stockings

Stockings made from felted wool sweaters are attractive and simple to sew. Any 100% wool sweater can be washed in hot water and dried until it has shrunk and become “felted”. This felted material behaves similarly to synthetic felt. Good sources for 100% wool sweaters are thrift stores and the backs of closets where those scratchy unworn sweaters hide.

Once washed and shrunk the wool becomes soft, fuzzy, and more tightly knit together. A pattern can then be pinned to the sweater and the shape cut out with sharp scissors. This material is best finished off with a sewing machine. Felted shapes can be added to the front with felt glue or hand stitching. A loop of ribbon can be sewn into the seam for better anchoring to the mantel or wall.

Inexpensive Fabric No-Sew Christmas Stocking Craft

Inexpensive fabric choices such as recycled jeans, canvas, or other fabric can be used to make attractive stockings. Since the stockings hang empty for weeks and only bear weight for a few hours, any fabric choice can be finished with fabric glue, staples, or fusible hem tape that bonds fabric together when heated with an iron. The use of a sewing machine will make the seam stronger, but this is generally not necessary. Outdated (or outgrown) jeans can be cut into stocking shapes, aligned with “right” sides together (the nicer sides of the fabric facing each other), and stapled together. Canvas is often inexpensive to purchase by the yard and offers the benefit of a neutral color to then adorn with accessories for the holiday season.

Families might find working together to create stockings from inexpensive materials a fun and entertaining holiday activity. Stockings can be made to coordinate or might express the different personalities of each maker. Such a seasonal decoration as the Christmas stocking offers limitless possibilities for creativity and frugal fun.

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