The Best Golf Bags for Christmas: The Golfer Who Has Everything Always Needs a New One

Even if your golfer couldn’t possibly want anything else, the fact is, they all do. The one piece of equipment most often overlooked by golfers is the golf bag.

Staff/Cart Bag

Available in a selection of colors, the MacGregor Golf staff bag is striking, no matter which color you choose. If what you’re looking for is a cart bag that will last, this is it. MacGregor bags have always been constructed well and proven to last. With regular care and cleaning, the golf bag will be easily maintained and golfers will be proud to carry it at even the most exclusive golf club or course.

The design of the top dividers does a great job of protecting the clubs from one another. A mesh iron cover protects the irons from themselves and the other clubs. The mesh cover is easily removed and applied, for quick access to the clubs. Section dividers are full-length, which removes a lot of frustration when placing clubs into the bag.

The best feature is more than adequate storage. A large ball pouch is only one of eleven storage compartment that can hold everything, even for a golfer who likes to cover every conceivable need while on the course.

Carry Bag

The best carry bag, and the overall best golf bag of the year, is the OGIO Edge.

In the Edge, OGIO simply covered every possible base. The most practical thing to consider in a golf carry bag is the stand system. Upon testing the Edge’s system, it proved to be supremely sturdy and one that quickly and firmly snaped into place. The Edge also incorporates an external, rather than the most widely-used internal, frame. The ability to see the frame construction was a great play on the part of OGIO designers, because golfers can see just how well the bag is made and of what it is made – 10 mm steel.

The dividers are full-length, again providing for easy placement into the bag. The top dividers are arranged in an unorthodox manner, but one that allows easy separation and aid in protecting the clubs.

Though well designed and constructed, what gives the Edge its edge is the details. First, not only is there a place for everything, most of the nine storage pockets are pre-labeled, making it easy for the most disorganized to find their tees, cell phone, PDA, water, balls (there’s also an external Ball Silo), towels, whatever. Further, there’s no more fighting with a zipper when going for another ball. The Edge has a zipperless ball pocket. Essentially all the golfer has to do is reach in the direction of the balls and it is magically in hand. Not quite, but it’s not much of an exaggeration. The Edge is also available in a variety of color combinations.

It has a contemporary look and feel, but it hasn’t strayed too far into the future. It’s on the edge. The Edge is head and shoulders above the rest.

Golf Travel Bag

Top Pick – The OGIO Mammoth travel bag

The Mammoth isn’t like any other golf travel bag. As OGIO puts it “It makes golf travel mindlessly simple.” A firm-yet-flexible construction helps this durable bag stand upright, while four spinning wheels turns it into a veritable dance partner – gliding forward and backward, or side to side with the simple touch of a finger. It really is that easy.

The Mammoth has an oversized, fully-padded top compartment for extra protection around the club heads. The zippered entry flap opens fully to reveal internal cinch-down straps that secure golf bag inside. It even has an oversized crush-resistant hat pocket and a removable shoe pocket with carry handle. The bag has multiple grab handles that make it easy to carry, if needed. The SLED, or Structural Load Equalizing Deck, system allows the bag to stand up and provides for increased durability and handling. Four swivel wheels allow bag to roll easily while upright and oversized off-road wheels allow for tilted rolling. When your clubs aren’t in the bag, it folds up nicely for easy storage.

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