The Best Beauty Gifts for Christmas 2018

In keeping with fashion trends, beauty companies do not seem to have repeated the dark opulence of last year when marketing Christmas 2018. However, there are some excellent gifts available for all budgets. With current beauty trends about luxury and everyday grooming there are lots of indulgent but useful treats to buy. Beauty gifts are lovely to give because, while being fairly inexpensive, each product can provide weeks of use and that nice pampered feel.

The Best Make-up Palettes

A make-up palette is ideal for anyone who likes color. Most will last a full year and be a really useful addition to any make-up bag. Many of the major brands seem to be packaging their predictable top-sellers in palette form this holiday season. Good for confirmed fans of a range but otherwise it can make for boring shopping. However, a few brands have brought something new and exciting to the palette table.

  • Revlon’s 12 Hour Eyeshadow Quad comes in a range of colors including the on-trend Silver Fox combination (£7.99
  • Mac is offering the most fun, luxury palettes of the season with A Tartan Tale holiday color collection. This features individual items plus a range of cosmetic palettes for eyes lips and cheeks. All the colors are wearable and range from tastefully festive to neutral. With eye catching limited edition packaging and professional quality color, this collection should have something to delight every make-up fan.

Bath and Body Gift Sets – Spa Gifts

Finally there is some competition for the cute Aromatherapy Associates miniature bath oils. Elemental Herbology have launched a Five Elements Bathing Infusions gift set (£25 Space NK). A therapeutic spa gift at a fraction of the cost of a treatment, but with generous sizes these oils will last well in to the New Year.

  • The 100% natural oil blends allow you to prescribe your own therapeutic bath based on how you feel.
  • The bottles have an old-fashioned apothecary look and come nestled in a clean, modern gift box, which perfectly reflects the current trend in beauty for understated luxury.

Always offering great value, Ren bath and body gift sets also have a reputation for containing products that someone might actually want to use. This year they also come beautifully packaged, with de Gournay chinoiserie wallpaper print boxes. Prices from only £15 (

Make-up Bags and Sundries

Also with an interest in wallpaper, in 2018 Miller Harris has been morphing in to a luxury lifestyle brand. While still all about exquisite fragrance, the label now sells a range of pretty trinkets that might just provide the perfect gift.

  • Miller Harris printed cloth travel purses are excellent as make-up bags.
  • The olive oils, fragrant teas and notebooks make fabulous gifts for fans of the brand and are especially useful if unsure about what perfume people might like.

Small Gifts and Stocking Fillers

For those tired of just lip balm, Lush is offering something much more exciting in the form of cute glass pots of delicious lip scrub (£4.50

  • Flavors come in Mint, Bubblegum or Chocolate but by far the most seductive has to be the limited edition Christmas scrub containing real sherbet, lemon and cranberry.
  • They are also good to team with a lip balm or seasonal bright lipstick for a larger gift.

A nail polish is always a gorgeous color treat and, this season, by far the best is the Vintage Nails collection from Nars ( Selling out fast, the polishes may need to be tracked down by the end of November so early gift buyers should stock up now. These capture the fashions for vintage color and grooming. Re-launched with a new long-wear formula, these polishes put Nars back where it was a few years ago at the top of high-quality nail wear.

Christmas Gold and Shimmer

One of the more exciting items from a department store brand is the Guerlain Or Imperial Sublime Radiant Powder for Face and Body (£48.00 This is a fine, violet scented, gold powder in a bijou dressing table bottle. Added to this, the perfume atomizer nozzle applies the finest layer of shimmer perfectly every time. Much easier to control than an airbrush can and with all the romance of Guerlain’s heritage, this is one of the prettiest and most decadent gifts on the high street.

For 2018, Shu Uemura has brought out a stunning collection of disco-theatre holiday lashes. They are probably the most fun beauty gift to receive this season but are for confident make-up wearers. The Cosmic Chain lashes (£27 Space evoke an early 2000s London club feel and are sure to sell out fast.

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