The Best 2017 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

This 2017 Christmas season pick out the latest, greatest and absolute best gift for your dad all while staying within your allotted holiday budget. Here are some of the most fun, unique and lasting gift ideas that your dad will simply love.

Six Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

The Kindle Reader: The Kindle is an ideal gift for the dad who loves to read books. A kindle allows you to store and read thousands of books, magazines and newspapers all in one sleek looking lightweight digital device. The lightweight and savvy kindle is the hottest reading device on the market and caters to every reading genre available.

Solar Charger for Gadgets: If your dad has an addiction to the latest technological gadgets out there then a solar charger that is compatible with all his techie type gadgets makes an ideal gift. L.L. Bean sells a solar charger called Sol Jus Solar Charger that will connect with most USB-compatible gadgets.

Product of the Month Club: Does your dad love taste testing premium coffee, beer or specialty foods from around the globe? Then sign him up for a coffee of the month club, beer of the month club or gourmet food of the month clubs. For an annual fee your dad will receive a monthly sample package (coffee, beer or gourmet food) in the mail each and every month. This is a gift idea that just keeps on giving all year lone.

Digital Frame Keychain: Let your proud dad show off pictures of the family by investing in a digital keychain that he can carry around with him everywhere he goes. Simply plug the keychain into a computer and download your favorite family photos. Your dad will be delighted and instead of taking creased up photos out of his wallet he can show off the latest pictures of his family on his ultra-cool keychain.

Handheld GPS Tracker: Is your dad an outdoor enthusiast?If so why not get him the latest handheld GPS tracking device. A lightweight and waterproof GPS tracker with a touch screen is the way to go. Let dad blaze new trails on his outdoor hiking trips using the latest GPS tracker.

Ultimate Ice Scraper: If you happen to live in a state or province that gets walloped with icy snow every holiday season then the Ice Dozer is a very smart gift to give your dad. Make scraping ice and snow off the car in the winter a breeze. The ergonomically designed device gets snow off two to three times faster with the help of an ultra flexible and intensely durable scraping blade that will plow snow and ice off the windshield in an instant.

This 2017 Christmas season get your dad a fun, cool and unique gift that he will love using. A kindle reader, solar gadget charger, digital keychain, handheld GPS tracker and ultimate ice scraper are great ideas that your dad wills surely love.

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