Spooky Outdoor Halloween Party Games for Kids: Fun Games for Your Next Kids’ Halloween Party

There’s nothing more fun than a Halloween party and spooky games are what will make it the most exciting. Here are some really creative ideas to try that kids will love.

Graveyard Search

Depending on the number of kids at the party, make several small headstones out of Styrofoam and paint them gray. Write a name on each one – a scary name such as Boris Bloodbath. Start each child by giving them a name to find (each different from the other kids) and they have to run around the yard, find the matching headstone and race back with it to get the next name. Have them collect five headstones in all and the first to do so wins. This game would be even more fun at dusk with the kids using flashlights to read the headstones.

Race to Unlock the Coffin

Construct a simple coffin out of cardboard. Make 40 or 50 small ghosts out of tissue (simply stuff the head with more tissue and tie a string around the neck). Put a regular keyed lock on the coffin and hide the key in one of the ghosts. Hang all of the ghosts off of tree branches in the back yard, low enough so kids can reach. The kids, all at the same time, have to race to pull a ghost down, see if it has the key in it, and if so, run and unlock the coffin. Putting some fake keys in a few of the ghosts would make it even more interesting. If someone dressed up as Dracula was lying in the coffin, even better.

Skeleton Build

Purchase two fake plastic skeletons. has one that is about three feet long. Dismember the skeletons and place the pieces around the yard. Divide the group into two teams. Have each team set off and try to find the pieces. The first team to assemble their skeleton wins.

What Time Is It Mr. Wolf – Mummy Style

Start off with an adult wrapped head to toe in toilet paper, like a mummy. Playing the common kids’ game, What Time Is It Mr. Wolf/Mr. Mummy, the mummy tries to grab a child as they run away. The caught child is then also wrapped in toilet paper and they too have to help Mr. Mummy grab the next child.

Spider Web Toss

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