Spooky Halloween and Fall Decorations for the Garden Pond

Country Pond Decorations for Halloween

Put on some country music and invite visitors to take a walk around the garden. Add hay bales to the garden for a country feel. You can use these as mulch later on. Next to the pond, let a scarecrow recline on a bench to enjoy the view. Surround it with some black owl, crow, or cat decorations to create a Halloween scene. Add a few pumpkins to the bench and to the pathways.

Haunted and Zombie Pond Decorations for Halloween

Turn the pond into something a little silly for Halloween. How about a cauldron? Take a hint from Shakespeare and put three witch decorations around the pond, along with a stirring stick. Add pond lighting and a CD of “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble,” and the pond has become a very scary place!

Make a zombie pond. Add dead plants around the pond and turn fish decorations into zombie fish by making them look old and adding red paint. Put crosses over the eyes, and perhaps add a tongue hanging out, and you’ve created the zombie pond.

Solar Pond Lighting For Halloween

Create an eerie effect in your pond with spooky lighting. Choose lights that have white-blue or yellow tones. Even if the lights have gone in for the season, bring them out one last time before winter begins to sit underwater and highlight the spooky mist on the pond.

Use Lighting to Create Halloween Pathways Around the Garden Pond

Solar pathway lights can create a spooky look. Use yellow toned lights that alternate with pumpkins to guide visitors through a pathway decorated with Halloween delights and thrills. Wind through the garden and around the pond, adding surprises like hidden monsters who jump out at guests and ghosts that whip across the path on an aerial string. End at the front door.

Decorating for Halloween can be just as fun as the night itself. Get creative and bring your garden to life on Halloween night. Use your garden pond as a prop to add to the spooky feel of your Halloween night garden.

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