Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women: Maid, Nurse, School Girl, More

Women’s Halloween costumes can be cute and naughty at the same time. And, there are fab fancy-dress outfits out there that will make anyone, of any age, look good. Most ensembles require a killer body, but not all.

When shopping online, people should know that sometimes the photo they see is not quite the costume they are buying. Girls should always read the description of Halloween costumes to find out if the accessories come with the garment. Sometimes, women must purchase items like stockings, hats, swords, and feather dusters separately. Also, with inexpensive costumes, some accessories may need to be replaced or embellished after purchase.

French Maid Costumes

There is a cute French maid outfit for every taste and level of dress. When in doubt, don’t show too much skin. And, remember that some of the online maid costumes are actually bedroom attire. Here are great timeless and pretty costumes:

  • Naughty French Maid Outfit: Includes headpiece, choker, feather duster, dress with attached apron and petticoat. Lace gloves, shoes, and stockings are sold separately.
  • Sexy French Maid Costume: Things to purchase separately include: A better feather duster, white tights with bows, garters, and petticoat.
  • Inexpensive French Maid Costume
  • French Maid Plus Size Costume

Most maid outfits look better with fishnet stockings, a choker, and high-heeled black shoes. Warning: Any girl who wears this to a Halloween party will have lots of men who will try to order her around. Women can either laugh and follow directions, or they can arrive prepared with a snappy comeback.

Cute Nurse Costumes

For any costume, it’s a good idea to go online and see what accessories would make the outfit stand out. For a sexy nurse outfit, it might be thigh high stockings or a real (borrowed) stethoscope.

  • Head Nurse Halter Dress: Show off cleavage and great legs. This comes in plus, also.
  • Candy Striper Outfit Look around for sexy nurse shoes, a huge fake syringe, and a nursing hat.

Most cheap store-bought costumes need a little embellishment plus a few accessories. Look around the house or the thrift store to give the outfit a little push.

Sexy School Girl Costumes

There are many different themes that couples could play out with a schoolgirl outfit: Priest and Catholic girl or professor and student come quickly to mind.

  • Sexy Catholic School Girl Costume
  • Sexy Adult School Girl Costume
  • Catholic Girl Costume (This one looks really cute and does not require a flat stomach.)

Don’t forget the school textbooks. If a boy gets fresh, a woman could always threaten to hit him over the head with her book. (And, when wearing something sexy to a party, a girl should always act ladylike. It’s a killer combo.)

Hot Pirate Costume

Pirate costumes have been hot for years. Just thinking about Johnny Depp is enough to make a girl want to play dress up.

  • Buccaneer Beauty Adult Costume: This type of outfit is great for gals who are not skinny all over. And, it covers the derriere.
  • Plus-size Pirate Costume: The last thing to go is the cleavage. So wear this with a good push-up bra for the ultimate in sex appeal. A tricorn pirate hat would look very sexy.
  • Women’s Pirate Costume: This outfit comes with the hat.

Sexy Indian Costume

Most of the costume pictures of Native American outfits show girls wearing boots. Unless a lady already has a great pair of suede boots (or maybe Uggs), it might be cheaper to get moccasins.

  • Indian Outlaw Costume: For some reason, American Indian costumes are more popular overseas.
  • Sexy Indian Princess: This style gives better coverage and it comes in a cute plus size version, too.
  • Most women will need a long black wig and a bit of war paint.

All of these fancy dress costumes can be a lot of fun. They are not the trendiest, latest fashions, but they are all super sexy. And, wearing these outfits can be a great way to meet new guys at a party. Hey, a sexy Indian may end up talking to a handsome cowboy all night. Yee-Haw!

Click around online to see what accessories are shown with various costumes in different photos. Smart women may be able to sew a dress and buy costume accessories to come up with something totally unique and inexpensive.

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