Sesame Street A Magical Halloween Adventure: Review of Preschool Halloween Special About Fun Halloween Activities

Sesame Street: A Magical Halloween Adventure is a cute preschool Halloween special that uses funny muppets and interesting short films about different Halloween customs, traditions, and activities to teach young kids how people celebrate Halloween and what are some important autumn activities on a farm.

The main narrative about Elmo, Zoë, and Telly Monster accompanying Mumford the Magnificent to a fun Halloween party is interspersed with live-action segments that teach about Halloween traditions and customs like wearing costumes and carving jack-o’-lanterns, as well as about important autumn activities on a farm like making apple cider and bringing in the harvest. After watching this entertaining but also educational video about Halloween, children will be ready to take part in their own Halloween celebrations and will have learned a lesson about not prejudging others or being afraid of the unknown.

Learn About Halloween Customs for Kids

This Sesame Street Halloween special for preschoolers opens with Elmo, Zoë, and Telly wondering how to celebrate Halloween. They teach that Halloween is a time for creative, imaginative play by talking and singing about how many different Halloween costume choices they have.

In the first of many live-action segments, this Sesame Street DVD changes scene to a group of real children having a dress-up party who will help the viewer learn about Halloween customs for kids. The children use costume items from a dress-up trunk to pretend to be different things. The preschool viewer is asked to interact with the action and guess what costumes different kids are wearing. The children in this segment also model fun Halloween activities like using face paint and trick or treating.

Preschool Halloween Special Teaches About Halloween Traditions and Halloween Crafts

Once each Sesame Street monster has chosen the perfect costume (Elmo is a cowboy, Zoë is a princess, and Telly is a wedge of Supercheese), the three friends are invited by Mumford the Magnificent to come to a magician’s Halloween celebration. When Mumford calls ahead to inform the magicians that the monsters of Sesame Street will be attending, he unwittingly terrifies the party guests (led by Caroline Rhea playing Gilda the Great) because they assume that the monsters will be mean and icky.

Mumford’s ineptness at magic leads his group into a pumpkin patch, and this Sesame Street special then cuts to a live-action segment to help kids learn about Halloween traditions and Halloween crafts, specifically, how people carve and use pumpkins. Children can watch a step by step introduction to how to carve a jack-o’-lantern and then observe a family perform such traditional activities as toasting pumpkin seeds and lighting the jack-o’-lantern.

Learn About Important Autumn Activities on a Farm

Over the course of the rest of this educational Halloween Sesame Street video, Elmo and his friends enjoy a hayride through the country broken up by live action segments that teach about important autumn activities on a farm, such as how and why people make scarecrows, how to harvest crops in the fall, and how people make cider from apples (complete with a field trip to a cider mill).

Meanwhile, the magicians at the party try to barricade their house against the Sesame Street monsters. Of course, once the two groups meet face to face, the magicians realize they were mistaken to assume the monsters would be scary and they sing a song about how they see things differently now and understand that monsters are a lot like them.

Educational Video About Halloween

This educational video about Halloween will entertain children as they listen to the silly songs and laugh at funny moments like the magicians trying unsuccessfully to hide from their monster guests. They will also, however, learn real facts about the things people do for Halloween and for fall on a farm. Furthermore, this cute Sesame Street Halloween special subtly teaches kids not to be afraid of monsters, a lesson that is particularly important for small children to learn around Halloween time.

Sesame Street A Magical Halloween Adventure Extras

This Sesame Street Halloween special comes with a few extras – a Journey to Ernie segment about growing plants, a magical Halloween dress-up game in which kids can dress Elmo in three different costumes, and short cast interviews with Caroline Rhea, Elmo, and Zoë.

Sesame Street A Magical Halloween Adventure Review

Overall, Sesame Street A Magical Halloween Adventure will help young kids get in a festive Halloween spirit and give them ideas for fun Halloween activities to try, while also helping them understand why people celebrate Halloween the way they do. If young children seem frightened by this spooky holiday, this Halloween TV special can help them understand how it can be fun, rather than scary.

Sesame Street A Magical Halloween Adventure can be purchased as a stand-alone DVD or bundled with the Halloween Sesame Street DVD Elmo Says Boo! as part of the Sesame Street: Halloween Bonus Pack DVD set.

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