Save Money at Christmas With Discounted Gift Cards & Certificates

Buying gift cards and certificates as Christmas gifts can make it easier to choose suitable presents. Choosing the right gifts isn’t always easy and these options often go down well with teens, people that ‘have everything’ or those that like to shop at a particular store or website. This may not, however, always be the cheapest option. Buying discounted gift cards and certificates may help save money at Christmas.

What are Discounted Gift Cards and Certificates?

These cards/certificates are basically sold for less than their face value. This allows the gift giver to save money on a purchase and to effectively give more than they actually spend. Some deals are offered as new; others may be given on swapped or unwanted gifts that have been resold to a specialist website.

Finding New Discount Gift Cards and Certificates

In some cases, it is possible to get a new discount gift card as a special offer in a store or via warehouse clubs. Offers may vary here but could include savings on certificates for various stores and websites or the offer of free gift cards with a particular type of purchase.

Costco, for example, is currently offering a pack of 4 iTunes $15 gift cards for $55.99 or a $50 version for $46.99. Or, as an alternative, the store’s 4 day Park Hopper ticket to Disneyland comes with a $50 Disney Gift Card. Those that don’t have/want membership of a club or that are looking for something different can still find discounts on other types of websites.

Using Gift Card Discount Swap and Trade in Sites

There are a number of websites that sell swapped gift cards and certificates at a discount. Some sites also sell ‘new’ cards at regular prices; others solely deal in buying and selling unwanted cards. In both cases, the options on offer will be sold for less than the retail price, which can save some money. The following sites may be worth a look:

  • Best known for selling customized Visa gift cards, this site also has a Discounted Merchant Cards section. Savings vary but can go as high as 25% off the retail price.
  • Plastic Jungle: This is a specialty gift card exchange store. Savings on offer can go up to a 30% discount.

Keep in mind that it may not always be possible to find a gift card or certificate for a particular store or website. It may, therefore, be useful to use the comparison service, Gift Card Granny. This brings together offers from a range of discount card sites and may also be a quick way of finding the cheapest deal.

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