Recycled Halloween Crafts – Pumpkin Theme: Environmentally Friendly Crafts For Kids And Adults

Kids and adults alike love Halloween. Celebrate by making unique decorations together as a family while saving the environment at the same time. With some odds and ends found around the house, you can both entertain and educate the kids. A green Halloween starts with the orange of pumpkins.

Recycled CD Pumpkin

Stop throwing away those old, scratched CDs or trial discs that come in the mail. Instead, create a fun decoration.

Supplies Needed To Make A Recycled CD Jack O’ Lantern

  • Old CD
  • Black permanent marker
  • Orange construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Green felt or construction paper
  • Craft glue
  • Ribbon, yarn or string

Place the CD on the orange construction paper and trace the outline with your pencil. Cut out the orange circle. Using a black marker, draw a Jack O’ Lantern face on the circle. Make sure you use the side without the pencil marks. Cut out 3 green “leaves” from the green paper. Set the circle and leaves aside.

Thread your ribbon or string through the CD and tie a knot to make a hanging loop. Allow enough string beyond the top of the CD so it can be easily hung.

Next, glue the Jack O’ Lantern circle to the CD and over the part of the string that goes to the edge of the disc. Glue the green leaves to the back of the CD so they stick out above the Jack O’ Lantern. Hang and enjoy!

Pumpkin Soda Bottle

Old, plastic soda bottles are a recycle nightmare that take up lots of space. Instead of throwing them away, turn this trash into treasure.

Supplies Needed To Make A Jack O’ Lantern Soda Bottle

  • Empty 2-liter soda bottle and cap
  • Orange craft paint
  • Green felt
  • Orange felt
  • Craft glue
  • Twine

Remove the label from the soda bottle and rinse it out with water. Pour orange paint and a little water into the bottle, put the cap on tightly and shake the bottle gently until the inside is coated orange.

Cut out Jack O’ Lantern eyes, nose and a mouth with the orange felt and glue the pieces in place. Self-stick felt can be used in place of glue, which is a little easier. Next, cut out a green felt circle about 4 inches in diameter. Use this to cover the soda cap, tying a piece of twine around the base of the cap to hold the felt in place.

Make these Jack O’ Lantern bottle with several different faces and sit them in your yard or on your front porch as decoration.

Optional: To make the Jack O’ Lantern’s easier to stand up, you may fill the bottles with rice, beans or sand to weight them down after the paint dries.

Happy Green Halloween!

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