Quick and Easy Halloween Ideas and Projects: Create Fun and Inexpensive Decorations this Halloween

We know a trick or two about casting a spell for this season, from quirky jack-o’-lanterns to new twists on some old essentials.

Don’t be afraid to scare up some Halloween fun with these boo-tiful projects. They’re bound to raise the spirits of any goblins and ghosts of any age. If you’re hosting a party for Halloween, leave out a few masks and tiaras for any un-costumed guests to set the mood.

Halloween Lights

  • No time to carve up those pumpkins? Don’t fret – you can still create a ghostly, orange glow by placing a few different sized pumpkins in a large basket or old laundry tub. Add three or four strings of tiny holiday lights and you’re all set. Place these tubs of light on your front porch or in your hallway to chase away the ghouls.
  • Create small paper pop-on covers from paper muffin cups for miniature holiday lights and then string the covered lights around your front door, windows and mirrors.
  • Tuck black or orange pillar candles inside glass cylinders or canning jars. Anchor the candles in a bed of candy corn or black and orange jelly beans to create a festive look.
  • You can also create mysterious glowing lights with dried Japanese Lanterns (Physalis) covering each bulb of small holiday tree lights.

Pumpkin Patch Glamour

  • Brush a pile of mini pumpkins with clear glue and then roll in sprinkles purchased at a craft store. Talk about a fuss-free centrepiece. Turn the lights down low and see how your table sparkles.
  • Haunt your home in style with monogrammed pumpkins. Instead of carving your initials, simply paint them on. Other glam ideas for easy pumpkin décor – paint on simple motifs right on your pumpkins – large and small polka dots, stripes, or scary faces. Pile these together for a quick and quirky table decoration.
  • Alternatively, use beads, ribbons and buttons to decorate your pumpkins. This is a great project for the kids with a little adult supervision.

Creepies and Crawlies

  • Pom-pom pumpkins are another great kid project. Cut up a couple of orange plastic garden bags into long strips and wind these around two cardboard circles. Attach green and brown pipe cleaners for stems.
  • Dye paper or fabric carnations, hydrangeas or roses black for a seasonal floral arrangement for your hall table or fireplace mantel. If you have enough, wind some around a twig wreath to hang on your front door.
  • Cut up scary silhouettes of mice, witches, cats, crows, and stringing these together into ghoulishly clever swags and garlands and then hang up in unexpected places to spook away any ghastly visitors.
  • You can create a drippingly, dreadful wreath for your front door by recycling a few orange plastic bag. Cut the bags into small strips and tie these to a wire coat hanger stretched into a round form. You can get the small effect using orange plastic lawn and garden bags.
  • Creepy, crawly spiders are easy to make. Blow up a small, black balloon and wind on a few grey pipe cleaners for legs. Hang or hide these amongst your pumpkins to surprise family and friends.

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