Pumpkin Crafts for Halloween: Create Pumpkins From Paper Plates and Milk Jugs

There are several ways to create pumpkin crafts for Halloween. The traditional way is to carve different spooky objects from a real pumpkin. If someone does not want to carve pumpkins, then she can simply decorate them over with poster paint. If someone does not have a real pumpkin, then she can use alternative materials such as cardboard and paper plates to create stylized pumpkin crafts.

Painting Real Pumpkins

Painting real pumpkins is very easy. There is no need to make carvings to design these pumpkins, which makes this activity ideal for small children because no sharp objects will be used.

To start the project, gather fresh pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. Also have ready:

  • Water-based poster paints (or tempera paints)
  • Several brushes with different sizes
  • Varnish
  • Old newspapers


  1. Line the work table as well as the floor with the old newspapers. This is to protect surfaces from the paint and varnish.
  2. Place the pumpkins on the table and prepare the poster paint.
  3. Encourage the child to create designs on her pumpkins. These can be spooky or silly designs.
  4. After she is finished painting the pumpkins, let the paint dry for about an hour.
  5. Make sure that the paint is thoroughly dry, and then apply a thin layer of varnish atop the paint. The varnish will provide a more refined and finished look to the pumpkins.

Paper Plate Pumpkins

Paper plates are the perfect alternative to making pumpkin crafts. All that is needed are:

  • Several paper plates
  • Orange paint (tempera or water-based)
  • Black paint (tempera or water-based) or permanent marker
  • Green cardboard
  • Glue
  • Strings or sticks

These are materials that can generally be found in any house, so there is no need to spend a lot of money to start this project.


  1. First paint the paper plates (up side and bottom side) with orange paint. Allow them to dry thoroughly.
  2. Draw the eyes, mouth and nose using either black paint or a black permanent marker directly onto each pumpkin.
  3. Cut pumpkin stems from green cardboard, and attach one to each pumpkin using glue.
  4. Punch a hole on the upper part of each pumpkin stem and tie strings through them. Then hang the pumpkins on trees, plants, or windows.

Alternatively, glue a stick at the back of each pumpkin head to make a pumpkin mask.

Milk Jug “Jack O Lantern

Making a Jack O Lantern from a milk jug is very easy, and looks adorable. Here are the directions.

  1. Get a plastic milk jug and clean it out.
  2. Paint the jug with orange with acrylic paint.
  3. Using a sharp cutter (adults only), carve two triangles to form the eyes and an oval for the mouth.
  4. Place a small penlight inside the plastic pumpkin to make it glow, or use it as a candy basket for Halloween night.

Pumpkin crafts always make Halloween more fun to celebrate. Create a variety of pumpkin crafts from real pumpkins or from alternative materials. Just use imagination and creativity, and a child will surely have the best pumpkin crafts this Halloween.

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