Printable Halloween Games and Other Free Activities for Kids

Educational Games and Halloween Coloring Pages

A Kids Heart offers a variety of coloring pages for kids to celebrate autumn as well as other holidays. The website was actually designed as a resource for teachers, so it offers other fall-themed activities that are educational, such as a variety of puzzles and games, to print out as well.

ABC Teach is another educational site that offers free printable Halloween games and autumn themed printables such as board games, the alphabet and even Halloween stories to make learning fun. ABC Teach offers a paid membership, however, many of the activities are available for free.

Free Halloween Games and Activities From Crayola

Crayola is a well recognized name that brings to mind children and coloring. The Crayola website offers many Halloween coloring pages as well as printable games and other free activities for children. Along with arts, crafts and coloring pages, games such as Halloween Bingo and the Halloween message game will keep children busy for hours.

Printable Halloween Games, Coloring Pages and More From Family Fun

Disney’s Family Fun is another good resource for free Halloween activities. Parents can print out spooky calendars, pictures for kids to color and cool games. Children can also create a variety of Halloween crafts from items that are readily available. From a spooky floating ghost made of tissue paper to adorable decorations created from homemade salt dough, Family Fun offers a variety of cheap Halloween activities for children.

Halloween Puzzles and Other Free Activities From Kaboose

Kaboose offers a range of Halloween coloring pages as well as free related games to print out. These include puzzles, mazes and connect-the-dots. Kids will no doubt get a kick out of the Halloween riddles available on the site as well.

Halloween is a great time for kids to express their creativity, and with so many free activities online, families can build lots of fun memories during the autumn season without spending a lot of money.

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