Preschool Halloween Ideas – Printable Halloween Activities

After many years working in preschool education centres, I know how helpful it is to find websites offering free printable sheets on specific themes. For Halloween 2017, here are a range of websites which can help make planning activities a lot easier.

Preschool Halloween Ideas – Printable Halloween Colouring Pages

As parents come in to drop their children off, why not have some Halloween colouring pages ready for them. Simply print out free colouring pages from the Raising Our Kids site and put out a selection of crayons, felt-tips and colouring pencils, to keep preschool aged children busy. These free Halloween printable colouring pages include the following:

  • ghosts
  • cats
  • bats
  • pumpkins
  • witches
  • scarecrows

Depending on the age of the preschool children attending on a given day, it is best to choose those which do not contain anything children may find frightening. Some parents may object to witches, for example.

Free Preschool Halloween Printables – Connect the Dots

Connect the dots are a really useful way to get preschool children used to the pencil grip and practice their numbers. Simply draw a Halloween themed picture, then place some tracing paper over the top of the picture and add the numbers. Next, head to the copy centre and there’s another simple Halloween activity done and dusted. If your drawing skills are as bad as mine, then it might be best to choose a free printable Halloween connect the dots picture. These are also available from Raising Our Kids, with First School offering a scarecrow connect the dots printable.

Free Halloween Printables – Halloween Maze Activities

Another popular preschool activity involves helping children with their letters and pencil skills. This may be done through a Halloween maze activity. An example is the spider printable at First School, providing the ideal opportunity for the preschooler to practice tracing the letter ‘S’ and count the spider’s legs, as well as find their way through the maze. Further free Halloween printables of maze activities, include a bat in a haunted house and a Jack-o’lantern.

Halloween Pumpkin Activity

A very quick and easy activity for preschool aged children, involves simply having a pumpkin made out of card or thick paper. Then, depending upon the abilities and age of the children present, choose between orange finger painting, orange tissue paper pieces, or orange coloured collage bits and pieces to stick on. Another activity, involves helping children make a bread roll and pumpkin soup to have for lunch or take home. Pumpkin shaped cookies may also be pre-made and then children can add icing to make a Halloween picture.

As highlighted above, preschool Halloween themed activities can be quick and easily obtained at no cost at all. There are a wide range of websites offering good quality free Halloween printables, including Halloween maze activities, scarecrow connect the dots and different Halloween colouring pages.

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