Paper Bag Craft: An Owl Windsock Perfect for Halloween

This bold-faced owl windsock is a perfect outdoor decoration for Halloween. Kids will have a hoot putting it together!

Cute and simple, this craft project starts with a brown paper bag.

Making an Owl Windsock from a Bag

There are less than 10 supplies that go into making this craft. The items needed are:

  • a large brown paper bag (grocery sack size)
  • two sections from a cardboard egg carton
  • craft glue
  • scissors
  • two pieces of twine or thick string 10-12″ long and two more about 8″ long
  • one sheet of yellow construction paper
  • masking tape
  • different colored markers or crayons (yellow, green, orange, brown)

Turning a bag into an owl is simple with the craft project outlined below. It will make a nice decoration perfect to welcome Fall. Just the same, it can represent Halloween without being too creepy.

By the way, owls are nocturnal creatures, which means they sleep during the day, and they play and fly and eat at night. That’s one reason an owl’s eyes are so large and bright – to help it search for food in the dark.

Learn All About Owls

Kids might want to know more about different owl breeds and their habits. Do some research on owls by watching this video from National Geographic.

These Steps Make an Owl Appear

  1. Cut the bottom (solid side) from the large paper bag, leaving a rim of 1″ around all sides. After removing the rectangle, flatten bag again before decorating.
  2. Cut out two domed sections from an egg carton (note cardboard takes the glue better than foam ones do).
  3. Use markers to color the center (topside) of the egg carton section a nice glowing yellow or green color. Glue them onto the bag, near the top (where the rectangle was cut out) about 1″ apart. These will form the owl’s eyes.
  4. Trace and cut a 2″ triangle from the yellow paper. Pinch the corners back and then glue to bug, underneath the eyes, forming a beak.
  5. Next, focus on the bottom (fully open) part of the bag. Fringe it, by cutting slits about 6″ long up into the bag. Fringe all around the bag, making the snips about 3/4″ apart. This will help the owl flutter in the wind.
  6. Decorate owl feathers under the face and above the fringes. Making little V-shapes with a brownish colored marker is an easy way to represent feathers. Alternate brown and orange if desired.
  7. The strings will be used to make a hanger. Tape two longer pieces inside the bag on its narrow outer sides; tape the two shorter ones to the bag’s front and back. Once well-secured, gather and knot the four strings together at the top, forming a little loop.

Now the owl windsock is complete. WOW! Who knew learning about owls and making one, could be this simple? Go hang the finished owl outside – in a tree would be the natural place. Leave it up to greet trick-or-treat visitors, or just enjoy the crisp Fall breezes.

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