New Toys for Cool Christmas Presents for Kids: How to Find the 2018 Most Popular Holiday Gift Ideas for Children

Need help determining which new toys will make the best cool Christmas presents for the kids in 2018? Whether they are 10 months or 10 years, these 2018 popular holiday gift ideas for children will provide a great start for holiday shopping.

New Toys for Cool Christmas Presents for Infants

  • Leap Frog My Puppy Pal Scout- Approximate retail price: $20. Ages 6 months and up. This stuffed puppy connects to the home computer where parents can program him with the child’s name, along with his or her favorite food, animal and color. Parents can also choose which songs this toy will play.
  • V-Tech Winnie the Pooh Slide and Learn Storybook– Approximate retail price: $15. Ages 6 months and up. Eight interactive pages play music and allow baby to turn knobs, slide levers and play peek-a-boo.

Popular Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids 12 Months to 3 Years

  • Mega Bloks Mega Vehicle Scoop ‘n Dump Truck– Approximate retail price: $25. Age 12 months and up. This large dump truck comes with 20 Mega Bloks to scoop, dump and build with.
  • New Star Tweety 4×4 Power ATV Ride-On Toy– Approximate retail price: $80. Age 18-24 months. This mini motorized ATV is toddler sized and comes in pink or blue.
  • V-Tech Kidizoom Camera– Approximate retail price: $40. Age 3 and up. Camera comes with built-in memory that holds 400 pictures and a photo editor feature that frames pictures.

Cool Christmas Presents and New Toys for Kids Ages 4-7

  • Transformers Action Figures- Approximate retail price: varies $12-$30. Ages 4 or 5 and up, depending on individual figure. Transformers are now sold based on complexity, with easy to transform models for younger ages.
  • Barbie Twilight Dolls– Approximate retail price: $25. Ages 6 and up. Matel has created two Barbie brand dolls based on the characters from the popular Twilight movie. Choose from Edward or Bella.
  • Hasbro i-dog Plush Puppy Speaker– Approximate retail price: $15. Ages 6 and up. Stuffed puppy plugs into a MP3 player and reqiures no batteries. Comes in pink and purple.

New Toys for Popular Holiday Gifts for Kids Ages 8-10

  • Nerf Dart Tag- Capture the Flag Set– Approximate retail price: $30. Ages 8 and up. Set comes with an electronic flag, blasters, Nerf darts, vests and protective eye ware.
  • Creativity for Kids Designed By You Wedding Fashions– Approximate retail price: $40. Ages 9 and up. The young aspiring designer can learn how to sketch and design fabulous wedding fashions.

No matter what the child’s age, parents and family members often need gift ideas that children will think are cool. These ideas, ranging from ages infant to 10, will guide gift givers to popular choices this year.

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