Money Saving Christmas Presents

Buying for family at Christmas can be challenging and finding gifts for men especially so. Inspiration can begin at home and giving presents a little less ordinary are sure to impress. Some of the Christmas gift ideas below can be purchased or started now, eliminating the need for last minute panic shopping. Homemade and online purchases also mean no traipsing around the shops in the wind and rain.

Create a Hamper with Homemade Christmas Cookies, Mulled Wine and Mince Pies

Eating and drinking is at the core of Christmas Day celebrations, so what better present to give than that of food? A Christmas hamper is a thing of luxury, crammed full of goodies such as wine, cakes, fancy jams and chocolates. They usually come with an extravagant price tag to match but an impressive hamper doesn’t need to cost the earth and if it’s homemade, it will already appear more impressive than a store-bought one.

A small wicker basket or wooden crate is a fairly inexpensive purchase and from here, the sky’s the limit. Many of the items within the hamper can be created at home for very little money. Homemade cakes and biscuits are far better than most store bought varieties and look attractive wrapped simply in greaseproof paper and ribbon.

Fill an empty jam jar with a mixture of mulled wine spices such as cloves, cinnamon and ginger and attach the recipe. Stick in a bottle of red wine and the lucky recipient can whip up a batch on the spot. Create infused oils with chili or herbs and decant into a pretty glass dispenser. Mixed nuts, olives, mince pies, truffles, olive oil, pasta, some loose clementines and bags of chocolate coins, the options are endless.

Great Gifts for Men this Christmas

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for, whether it’s Christmas or birthday. Fortunately companies such as in the UK and Great American Days in the US are coming to the aid of many by selling ‘experience’ gifts.

These experiences range from laid-back whiskey tasting sessions and spa treatments to more exhilarating events such as whitewater rafting, paintballing and Nascar adventures. For the cost conscious there are sections on the websites listing options for under $100 with Great American Days and on for under £50. Consider going in with a friend or family member for once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as vintage aircraft flying lessons or a day out tank driving.

Design and Order a Personalized Photo Album Book or Calendar Online

For a few years now, photographic companies have enabled customers to create their own cards, t-shirts, mugs and a whole host of products using personal photos. While the idea of plastering someone’s face on a cushion may seem brilliant to some, a more modest way of sharing photos is through a book or calendar.

Through iLife and iPhoto, Apple offer the ability to create customized calendars and books. Books are available in hardback, softcover and spiral bound and there are numerous template designs to choose from. Books can be made to commemorate a holiday, a special occasion, to share news with friends and family, or simply for fun. Small softcover books start at $3.99 (£8.59), the more hardbacks start at $29.99 (£19.54) and wall calendars start at $19.99 (£13.79). Running out of room isn’t a problem as pages can be added for an additional charge. Customers decide on the placement of their photos within the album and can insert descriptive text as well.

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