Merry Christmas, Little Bill

Will Alice the Great make it home in time for Christmas? Watch this award-winning holiday episode of Little Bill on Friday, December 22 to find out.

Of all the Christmas specials, Merry Christmas, Little Bill is one of my favorites. My children received a Nick Jr. Holiday DVD for Christmas last year that included this episode. I hadn’t seen Little Bill before and was pleasantly surprised to find that Nick Jr. was airing such a high quality, original show about an African-American family. I especially liked the empathetic parenting style employed by Little Bill’s mother and father. I felt good about my child watching a show in which a boy shared his emotions openly, knowing that his parents would be there to support and comfort him. I also enjoyed the positive relationship between siblings which is a breath of fresh air in today’s world of children’s television. Little Bill, based on the children’s books by Bill Cosby, is well-written and stars Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show) and Gregory Hines as Little Bill’s parents.

I was particularly impressed with the holiday episode because it’s rare for an animated show to bring me to tears, and that‘s exactly what happens when I watch Merry Christmas, Little Bill. It’s Christmas Eve and Little Bill is waiting for “Alice the Great” to get home from visiting friends in Ohio. The family tradition includes Alice leading the family in song, and Little Bill is upset when a flight delay keeps her from getting home on time. The episode is chock-full of Christmas traditions such a putting up the tree, going caroling, and leaving cookies out for Santa, but Little Bill’s focus is on having Alice home again.

Merry Christmas, Little Bill, celebrates family and togetherness during the holidays. It will be aired on Nick Jr. on Friday, December 22 at 1:30 ET during Frosty Fridays. The episode, an honoree of the Parents’ Choice Foundation, is available on both VHS and DVD. Our entire family enjoys this holiday episode of Little Bill, and I think yours will too.

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