Meditation for Christmas Depression

For most people, the holidays are a joyful time. However, for some, it’s a very stressful time of year. The Christmas season can bring on depression or what is known as the holiday blues. This can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and usually goes away once the holidays are over.

Reasons for Christmas Depression and Holiday Blues

There are many reasons people can feel down during the holidays. Finances are quite bad for a fair number of families, making Christmas shopping and entertaining difficult. The holidays cause people to miss loved ones even more, especially those who have passed away.

Moms can feel sad that their children have all grown up and moved away and may not even be seen for the holidays. Business owners are fearful their businesses may not survive another year with the current economy. The list of reasons goes on and on.

How Meditation Can Help Ease Christmas Depression

Although there is no sudden, magical cure for getting rid of the holiday blues, meditation can allow for easing stress. It can also provide a way to at least temporarily escape the blues associated with the holidays by bringing in some positive, warm thoughts.

How to Meditate to Help with the Holiday Blues

Many times people who are depressed are described as having a dark cloud surrounding them. It’s this dark cloud that will be the focus of this meditation. Once seated in a comfortable position for meditating and meditative breathing has begun, go ahead and envision this dark, gloomy cloud around you.

See this cloud as holding all the negative thoughts and energy that are inside. Think about how poorly this can make a person feel. Now, think about if there is a chance to see any glimmer of hope and sunlight come through the cloud.

Turning Negative Energy into Positive Energy with Meditation

Next, envision a small ray of sunshine gently beginning to come through the cloud. See this as a ray of hope. Notice the tiny sparkles in the ray. Those sparkles represent positive energy. Now, think of one positive thing in life, no matter how small it is. With this positive thought comes another sparkling ray of sunshine.

Continue to think of more positive thoughts and with each new thought, comes more sunlight, positive energy and good feelings. Notice how each ray of sunshine causes part of that dark cloud to disappear. Continue this exercise until all of the dark cloud is gone and your body is surrounded by golden, sparkling light. Take all the time that is needed to enjoy this positive energy.

Meditation can’t make Christmas depression or the holiday blues disappear. However, it can provide the opportunity to relax the body, thus reducing stress, and give practitioners the opportunity to focus on some of the more positive aspects in their lives, ( such as what they do have versus what they don’t,) thus helping them to mentally feel better.

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