Medieval Christmas Market, Schloss Geyerswörth, Bamberg, Germany

In contrast to the more well-known Christmas markets in Germany that sell modern gifts and refreshments, a Medieval Christmas Market (MittelalterWeihnachtsmarkt) presents a taste of the Middle Ages each year at Bamberg’s Geyerswörth Castle. In the city known for its traditional, month-long market at Maxplatz and the famous Nativity Trail, the Advent Market, Artisan Market and Medieval Market round out the Christmas market experience.

Artisans, Minstrels and Artists from the Middle Ages

For 10 days in early December, the Middle Ages returns to Bamberg Germany. In fact, the city hires a company that specializes in creating medieval events with vendors and festivities. The troop comes in for the duration, sets up booths and directs the activities.

Family Fun for the Kids at the Christmas Market

Among the intriguing stalls one might see hand-carved wooden toys, beaded jewelry, handwoven fabric or honey mead. You might meet a calligraphy artist or a stonecutter. Turn around and you might see minstrel musicians, jugglers or real, live sword fighters. Bring the kids to enjoy the abundance of goodies and family-oriented entertainment.

Bamberg’s Geyerswörth Castle (Schloss Geyerswörth )

The location of the Middle Ages Christmas Market in Bamberg is the Geyerswörth Castle. Asmus Braun built it between 1585 and 1587 to be the home of the Prince-Bishop of Bamberg. Its courtyard is the perfect setting for the Medieval Christmas Market. Conveniently, it also houses the Bamberg Tourist Information Office.

Dates, Hours and Affordable Admission for the Medieval Christmas Market

The festival historically begins about the first weekend in December and continues for approximately 10 days. For example, the 2017 schedule is December 4 through 14. Hours are usually from 11:00 a.m. to around 8:00 p.m. with a small admission price of three or four Euros. Because all this is subject to change each year, check with the Bamberg Tourist Information Office before planning a visit to the market.

How to Find the Medieval Christmas Market in Bamberg

Castle Geyerswörth is near the historic Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus). Anyone who has ever stepped foot in Bamberg can tell you how to find the Old Town Hall. The Old Town Hall is built in the middle of the river and there are three footbridges in close proximity. The bridge farthest upriver is the Geyerswörth Bridge. The castle is just on the east side of the bridge.

From the Geyerswörth castle you will be able to see the Bamberg Cathedral (Bamberger Dom) and Michaelsberg monastery on the hills just across the river to the west.

Note that the Medieval Christmas Market has taken place in different locations in the past. Therefore, always check the details with the Bamberg Tourist Information Office.

In any case, if you are into things medieval or want to bring your kids to a family-friendly European event, try the Medieval Christmas Market in Bamberg.

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