Make Monster Halloween Decorations

Materials for Halloween Crafts

Each monster will need:

  • Two paper lunch bags. Lunch bags come in an assortment of colors, which can help with decorating different monsters. If doing this project with a group of kids, use brown or white lunch bags.
  • Newspaper or old magazines and catalogs
  • Yarn
  • Paint, markers, or crayons
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Older children can also use scraps of fabric, colored tissue paper, construction paper, buttons, craft fur, craft hair, wiggly eyes, ribbon and rickrack, etc.

Halloween Kids’ Craft

  1. Take one of the paper bags and decorate it as desired. For toddlers and preschoolers, allow them to decorate their creatures with marker or crayon. Help them to decorate the inside folds of the bag which will open up and become the sides of the monster. The bottom of the bag will become the top of the creature’s head.
  2. For older children who will create more elaborate creations, start with painting or drawing on the bag. Wait until the body is three-dimensional before gluing other details in place.
  3. Fill the undecorated paper bag with crumpled newspaper or magazine pages.
  4. Fit the decorated bag around the paper-filled bag. Add some tape or glue to keep the two bags together.
  5. Continue decorating the Halloween monster, gluing fur, yarn hair, etc. onto the body.

Ideas for Halloween Decorations

Here are some ideas for specific monsters that kids can adapt as they wish.

Mummy – Wrap the entire monster body in white streamers, rolled gauze, or even toilet paper. Add a drop of glue ever so many inches to help hold everything in place.

Vampire – Cut a cloak from construction paper or tissue paper and glue to the decorated body shape.

Witch – Make a pointed hat by cutting a large circle from construction paper. Make one cut from the edge toward the center. Bend the circle into a cone and tape in place. Cut another large circle for the brim of the hat. Glue on frizzy yarn hair. Make a dress from black tissue paper.

Spider – Paint the body shape black or brown (or a bit of both). Cut eight long strips of black construction paper and accordion-fold the strips to make the legs. Lay the bag on its side and glue the legs in place when the paint has dried completely. Glue on eight wiggly eyes (because spiders have eight eyes!).

Ghost – Color eyes and a mouth onto a white lunch bag. Or, cover a brown bag with a couple of sheets of white craft tissue paper. Glue the tissue to the top of the head (the flat bottom of the bag) and then just push the rest of the paper close to the body so the ghost looks like it is floating.

These stand-alone Halloween decorations can embellish a classroom or Halloween party at home. Kids can use their creativity and the supplies at hand to create all sorts of spooky monsters and creatures

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