Last-minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife and Girlfriend 2017

Christmas 2017 is nearly here and you’ve not even thought about what to buy your wife or girlfriend yet. Instead of rushing out to the shops on Christmas Eve in a mad panic to find her favorite perfume, take a look at these last minute Christmas gift ideas that are cool and far more personal; plus many can even be ordered online with just a few days to go before December 25th.

Online Gift Buying at the Last Minute

Many people ignore the internet when it comes to last minute gift buying as they don’t think the order will arrive in time. While this may be true if you try to order the day before Christmas, many big websites are geared up to provide 24 hours delivery, so gifts can still be ordered, even with a few days to spare.

Zazzle has a comprehensive range of cool items that can be personalized with names or photos, and delivery is made on most items ordered within 24 hours. Hot items for 2017 include custom printed iPhone cases, funny printed clothing items like t-shirts and sweats and custom printed mouse pads, either with family photos or cool, zany designs.

Fun Personalized Christmas Gift for WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends)

As Zazzle can customize a large range of items and still deliver with only days to spare, you have time to go online and choose a last minute personalized Christmas gift that will make your wife or girlfriend smile.

For example, if she loves cooking, order a domestic goddess apron and oven gloves printed with her name; if she loves the gym, buy her a cheeky t-shirt with a slogan like “Your workout is my warm-up” or “Burn fat not gas.” The site gives plenty of ideas by topic, so you can find a gift suited to your wife’s character.

Buy Gift Cards

Gift vouchers are obviously an easy option for last minute gifts, but don’t just buy any old gift cards. Why not buy a gift experience gift card from a company like Cloud 9, to give your wife a special treat. Choose from presents like:

  • Facial and neck massage.
  • Complete spa day with manicure, pedicure and full body massage.
  • Cookery course, for her favorite cuisine.
  • Romantic hot air balloon ride.
  • Indoor sky diving – flying in a wind tunnel!

Not only is an experience gift special, it can be ordered at the eleventh hour and the card and gift certificate printed out on your computer. Add a picture of the experience by doing a screen shot from the company’s website and put it in a big box wrapped with pretty ribbon to make the gift extra special.

What to Buy Last Minute on Christmas Eve

If you’re the kind of guy who loves to head for the shops on Christmas Eve, here are a few ideas of what to buy last minute for your wife or girlfriend:

  • Sexy underwear – many men try to buy underwear, but often don’t check their wife’s bra cup size. Make sure you have checked first and then head for a store like Victoria’s Secret, where you can ask a sales assistant to suggest an appropriate style. If you’re too embarrassed to ask your girlfriend her cup-size, ask her best friend!
  • Champagne – there are few women who will not be pleased with a bottle of the finest bubbly; this gift is also easy to buy from your local supermarket, if time is really tight.
  • Flowers – while flowers may not be traditional Christmas gifts, if you’ve run out of time to get anything or the shops themselves have run out of stock, a bunch of flowers from the local florist or supermarket will surely appease. Just be sure to add an I owe you hand-written gift card, so she knows an extra gift will follow!

Last Minute Presents

There will always be some people who leave Christmas gift buying to the last minute. If you are struggling to find last minute presents for your wife or girlfriend, flowers and champagne will always be welcome, but try to use some of the above ideas to offer a more personalized gift too.

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