Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Women may be tough to shop for when searching for the perfect holiday gifts that can make them smile. Here are a few last minute Christmas gift ideas for her that fit small holiday shopping budgets.

Holiday shoppers can find this kitchen tool in a variety of online stores that sell cookware. The Magic Slice Flexible Cutting Board features a design titled “Chateau Royal” by artist Danhui Nai. It is simple enough to not overshadow other design settings that the recipient may already have in place throughout her kitchen. This makes a great Christmas gift ideas for women who cook or entertain guests.

The Magic Slice Flexible Cutting Board in Chateau Royal is 12 by 15 inches, lightweight and can also be used as a placemat. At $9.99, this cutting board is one of the most affordable last minute Christmas gift ideas for her. Room sprays and linen sprays are also among some of the low-cost Christmas Gifts for her that can last for several months. Avon has a line of products that are both room and linen sprays all in one bottle.

The Holiday collection of room and linen sprays include one peppermint and one evergreen option. They cost between $5.99 and $6.99 but are not easy to find at many online stores, including the main Avon website. The Avon Holiday Room and Linen Sprays are so inexpensive that one of each fragrance or two of a kind ca be purchased to create one small Christmas gift set for her.

If the last-minute holiday shopping list does not allow time for online purchases, contact local Avon representatives. Find out of these holiday fragrances are in their inventory. Avon Holiday Room and Linen Spray makes one of the most useful Christmas gift ideas for her that comes in handy on a daily or weekly basis. The holiday gift recipient can use these Avon sprays during routine housecleaning tasks.

There are room and linen spray options at Bath & Body Works if Avon’s products cannot be found before Christmas. Bath & Body works have separate sprays for rooms and linens. Women who have trouble sleeping, prefer less sunlight in the mornings or concerned with vanity may enjoy the Satin Dreaming of Paris Sleep Mask. It is made of silk and can be adjusted to fit a variety of head sizes. The main portion of this sleep mask has a pastel pink color that is outlined with black lace.

The sleep mask also features the scripted phrase “Dreaming of Paris” on the front. It is one of those last minute gifts for her that can be purchase with a lingerie set for couples to celebrate. The Satin Dreaming of Paris Sleep Mask costs $22 at some online stores. Some women try to maintain their youth and healthy skin, making a facial sauna one of the most beneficial last minute Christmas gift ideas for her.

The Conair MDF2R Facial Sauna is sold at Target, Kmart and some drugstores for $25.99. It comes with a timer and moisturizing sponge. Skin rejuvenation products like the Conair MDF2R Facial Sauna are among those last-minute gift ideas for her that can be given to adult women of all ages.

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