Last-minute Budget-friendly Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations for your Yard

The first item to pick up at the dollar store is a bag or two of cotton balls. These are easily stretched apart to become impromptu spider webs. String them across your walkway, across your doorbell, between your stair banisters; basically anywhere that unsuspecting trick-or-treaters will be treading. Nothing like that icky feeling of a cobweb capturing you in its grasp to send shivers down your spine. If possible, pick up a bag of creep crawly spiders while you are at the dollar store to add an extra element of chills to your webs.

Another item to pick while you are shopping is a package of white garbage bags. Fill the top portion of a white garbage bag with crumpled newspaper or brown paper bags, cinch it with an elastic band, and then get out your black marker. Add a creepy face, and you are ready to place your ghostly friends around your yard.

Repurpose your broom and mop handles as stakes, and your willowy white friends can float fearfully in the fall breezes along your walkway or peer out from behind your trees. Either way, the eerie sounds they will create as they rustle in the wind will add to your yard’s haunting. After Halloween is over, your ghosts can do double duty to pick up the yard waste and assorted candy wrappers that you are sure to find littered along your driveway. If you have white sheets that have seen better days, you can use them instead of the plastic bags and hang them from your tree branches. Nothing like a ghastly ghost hanging from a creaking limb to put the spook in spooktacular.

Lighht Up the House for Halloween

While you are at the dollar store, pick up some inexpensive LED lights. These can be strung along your walkway, stair banister, or hauntingly hung under bushes for an eerie glow. If you can manage to find a few plastic pumpkins, you can place flickering LED lights in these for even more haunt factor.

If you have leaves in your yard that need raking, gather them into a pile the size of a grave, add a cardboard grave marker, and just hope and pray that it’s not windy Halloween night. If you don’t trust the weatherman, you can use dirt instead of leaves. Just remember that once Halloween is over, you will have to rake that dirt into your grass for extra filler. To add more grit to your grave, stuff a tired old flannel shirt with newspaper, and bury it with the arms reaching out of the grave. Bootiful!

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