Knit a Hallowe’en Pumpkin:An Easy, Fun Craft Activity

Pumpkins are the very essence of Hallowe’en, whether they’re piled high outside the greengrocer’s or the supermarket, or transformed into grinning Jack o’Lanterns on a porch or in a window.

These knitted pumpkins are quick and easy to make and are ideal for a table display, a window display or even to decorate a Hallowe’en costume.

They are unbreakable, don’t smell funny and would look very effective as a seasonal arrangement sewn or arranged on a fabric braid, with a few owls or bats thrown in for good measure.

A plain knitted pumpkin could easily be given a Jack o’Lantern face with a little black wool for embroidery, but any knitted Hallowe’en items are best kept away from candles or open flames!

Knitted Pumpkin Pattern

Using 4mm knitting needles and pumpkin coloured wool, cast on fifty stitches. Knit four rows in K1 P1 rib.

On the next row, increase one stitch in each knit stitch. Knit another four rows, keeping the integrity of the rib, that is, K1 P2 on wrong side rows, K2 P1 on right side rows.

On the next row, increase 1 stitch on the second knit stitch, that is, K1, increase 1 in next stitch, P1, repeat to the end of the row.

Knit six rows, keeping the integrity of the rib, that is, K1 P3 on wrong side rows, K3 P1 on right side rows.

On the next row, decrease one stitch on the second knit stitch then knit four rows maintaining the integrity of the rib as above on subsequent rows (K1 P2 on following purl side rows, K2 P1 on right side rows)

On the next row, decrease 1 stitch on all knit stitches. You will now be back to a K1 P1 rib pattern.

Knit two rows, then on the next row, knit 2 together across all stitches (25 stitches remain.)

Cut your wool, leaving a long thread, and thread this tail of wool through the stitches on the needles to finish off the top of the pumpkin (the stalk will fit into this hole).

Sew up the side seam and stuff the pumpkin with washable polyester filling to the required size (the rib will give quite considerably, so you can make bigger or smaller pumpkins depending on how tightly you stuff them).

Draw together and sew up the bottom seam.


Cast on ten stitches in green wool and knit twelve rows of stocking stitch. Cast off. The knitted square will have a natural tendency to roll up, so just catch the stitches and sew the green roll up loosely to make the stalk. Draw together the stitches from the hole at the top of the pumpkin as you attach the stalk to give a neat join. Run a loose gathering stitch up the seam of the stalk and pull in gently to give a curvy stalk effect and finish off with a stitch across the top of the stalk. Darn the end of wool into the body of the stalk to give a neat finish.


With green wool, cast on three stitches of DK wool, using 4mm needles for a fat tendril or 3 mm needles for a thin tendril.

Knit twenty rows of KI P1 rib,(that is, K1 P1 K1 on one side and P1 K1 P1 on the other side) cast off leaving a long tail of wool. Run a gathering stitch through the tendril and draw together lightly to give a curly, foliage effect. Attach the tendril to the stalk of your pumpkin at the base, where it joins onto the main body.

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