How to Tackle Post Christmas Credit Card Debt: Dealing With Financial Problems After the Festive Season

The festive season is a lot of fun for children, but it can be a stressful time for parents. Social pressures have never been greater and price rises are more noticeable than they have been in a number of years. It isn’t surprising that so many people turn to credit cards, but the time has come to clear the debt.

Clear Christmas Spending With a Debt Consolidation Loan

Credit card debt accrues interest at a usury rate of APR. Whilst regular cards tend to charge 17%, some adverse credit cards charge as much as 40%. It simply doesn’t make sense to leave debt gathering interest at such a costly rate.

Transferring credit card debt to a debt consolidation loan can be a sensible step, provided it is handled correctly. It allows a debtor to specify a defined term and, provided all the payments are made, the balance will be cleared at the end of the term. There is no term on a credit card and any debt could last for decades if not tackled.

Earn Some Extra Money to Reduce Credit Card Balances

The Internet has opened up a world of opportunities to earn extra money. Some people complete online surveys whilst others make thousands of pounds by taking part in medical trials for large pharmaceutical companies. Either way, any extra money available to pay off credit card debt is a huge bonus.

Give Up Drinking and Smoking as a New Year’s Resolution

Most people either drink or smoke. As a new years resolution, why not give up both? They are heavily taxed and ridding yourself of them could help reduce credit card debt by hundreds of pounds over the coming months.

Sell Unwanted Christmas Presents on eBay to Make Extra Cash

Everybody receives presents that they don’t need over the Christmas period, so why not sell these on eBay to make some extra cash? This also presents a golden opportunity to rid the house of clutter and other unnecessary items accumulated over the years.

Buy Unbranded Foods

Most of the unbranded foods found in supermarkets are not vastly different to the more recognisable branded versions, but the prices certainly are. Try switching to unbranded foods as it will save a surprising amount. Keep an eye on the discount section as things can be picked up for pennies there, especially short life foods.

Work Extra Hours

Not every company is struggling so, if the opportunity arises, work overtime. A few extra hours a week can really boost a wage, especially as overtime is generally paid at a better rate.

There are no easy solutions to reducing debt, but a problem can always be addressed through improvisation and a little hard work. Utilising a few of the ideas outlined above will soon restore solvency – until next Christmas anyway.

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