How to Save Money During Christmas

Although many people use Christmas holidays to catch up with loved ones, it can be an extreme drain on their bank accounts. Check out these top tips for celebrating the season while keeping more than a few cents in the bank.

Save on the Decorations

There’s no need to purchase expensive lights or decor for the home. Instead, get the family together and walk around the neighbourhood or city. Take a look at lights and displays outside of other houses or buildings. In fact, “Some shops and homes also take part in Christmas decoration competitions and therefore set up very elaborate decorations and light,” says Wei Yin Wong, our author of the article “How to Have Cheap Christmas Fun with Children.”

If the family chooses to purchase Christmas decor, make sure to shop around for deals. Check out flyers and websites and compare the prices. Also, look around the garage or storage rooms to see what’s already available to the family.

Gift-Giving Made Easy

When the relatives get together, gift-giving can be pretty expensive. That being said, discuss with the organizers how everyone can save money on this event. For instance, conduct a “Secret Santa” between the kids rather than have everyone purchase 20 different gifts. Or you can have everyone bring one present to the party and gather all gifts together to donate to a charity.

Also, ask each relative coming to the get-together to bring a dish. A pot-luck dinner will save money for the host, and besides, it’ll also add some fun to the party.

Be a Smart Shopper

Really, is it necessary to shop at a brand-name store that has the same items as a discount store? Shop wisely by putting brand names aside. Purchase gift wrap, baskets, cards, small trinkets and even wine glasses at the dollar store. As for clothes, check out low-cost department stores. And remember, coupons do make a difference – check out store websites to see if they’ve posted coupons. Plus, according to Shelley Donohue, author of the article “Save Money While Christmas Shopping Online,” “There are many coupon sites that will list any available coupons to online stores.”

Overall, saving money during the holidays is worth the effort. Scrimping on the decorations, watching what is spent at the stores and discussing gift-giving plans with organizers can all contribute to an affordable Christmas. However, the most important part of the holidays is spending time with loved ones. The best gift they can receive from someone is knowing how loved they are.

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