How to Plan a Preschool Halloween Party: Holiday Activities in the Early Childhood Classroom

Holiday celebrations in the preschool classroom are a childhood favorite! Planning a Halloween themed party can be a difficult task for any teacher. Start planning for this fun classroom event several weeks before Halloween arrives. This article includes ideas and simple strategies to perfecting a memorable Halloween party for preschool aged children.

Planning a Halloween Party

Start the party planning from the beginning. First, choose a date for the party. Some schools may have this date already set in the calendar, but others may leave parties up to individual teachers. For those teachers who do not have a specific date on the calendar for a party, choose a date as close to Halloween as possible. If Halloween falls on a weekday, try that date. If it does not, choose a close date before the holiday. For example, if Halloween falls on a Sunday, try holding the party on the Friday before.

After the date has been set, decide on the specific party activities. These may include arts and crafts, games, snacks or treats, or a Halloween parade. Make sure that the activities are age appropriate and follow all school health and safety policies. Examples of Halloween party activities may include:

  • Painting pumpkins.
  • Decorating Halloween cupcakes.
  • Holding a costume show.
  • Reading a Halloween themed book.
  • Marching in a Halloween costume parade.

Discuss the party with the children. If costumes are permitted make sure that the students (and the parents) understand that safety is a priority. Scary or gruesome costumes should not be allowed for young students. Masks that restrict vision should also not be worn during school events or classroom time. Additionally, prop weapons should be banned for school functions.

Halloween Decorations for the Preschool Classroom

Fill the classroom with colorful Halloween themed decorations to add extra excitement to the party. These can be store bought, teacher created, or child made. Halloween party decorations can be slowly added to the preschool or daycare classroom throughout the month of October. Halloween decoration ideas include:

  • A Halloween themed bulletin board.
  • A display of Halloween themed art projects.
  • A paper link chain in Halloween colors. Pumpkins.
  • Halloween colored paper table clothes.

Parent Involvement

Make sure to involve the parents in the party planning. Parental involvement is crucial to a child’s school success. Helping out with a simple task, such as a school party, can have a real impact on both the child and the parent.

Draft a parent letter that details what the party needs are. Be very specific. Instead of writing that help is needed, create a list that outlines particular jobs or tasks for the parents to do. Examples include setting up the snack, helping the children to put on costumes, cleaning up after the party, or bringing in cups and plates.

Invite the parents to attend the party in a chaperone capacity. This will promote classroom involvement and bring in much needed extra adult assistance. Some parents may not be able to attend the party due to work or prior commitments. Before the party begins, ask the parent chaperones to pay extra attention to those children without a parent there.

Holding a Halloween party in the preschool or daycare classroom can be a fun, exciting event for the children, parents, and the teacher. Begin planning well ahead of the party day. After the initial planning is done, start to decorate the classroom in festive Halloween artwork and more. Also, involve the parents from start to finish, ensuring a successful party day.

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