How to Host a Fun Halloween Party in College: Ideas for Halloween-Themed Decorations, Games, Food, and Drinks

While they might not be able to go out trick-or-treating anymore, college students can still dress up in costumes and host Halloween parties for their friends. Halloween is a popular theme for parties on college campuses. And, with the right decorations, games, food, and drinks, these parties can be both a spooky and memorable time.

Decorate wWith Pumpkins, Cobwebs, Orange Lights, and Scary Cutouts

To transform a room into a scary Halloween setting, students can place pumpkins on tables, and they can string fake cobwebs throughout the room. Orange light bulbs can replace regular white bulbs for an eerie effect. Depending on the particular theme they are going for, students can make cutouts of various Halloween symbols, such as tombstones and bats, to hang on the walls or from the ceilings.

Play Halloween Trivia, Start a “Thriller” Dance Contest, and Have a Costume Contest

For games, students can play Halloween trivia. Before the party, the host can create a list of ten questions and answers about Halloween-related people, places, and events. At the party the host can ask the partygoers the questions, and the person who answers the most questions correctly can receive a prize, such as a Halloween-themed DVD like The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

For partygoers who enjoy Halloween music, the host can start a “Thriller” dance contest in which guests perform their best impersonation of the dance moves in the music video. In addition to a dance contest, the host can also have a costume contest. Each guest can vote for the best costume, and the winner can receive a Halloween-themed prize, such as a pumpkin bucket filled with candy.

Serve Fall-Themed Appetizers and Desserts and Provide Halloween Candy

The hosts of Halloween parties can serve simple fall-themed appetizers and desserts for their guests. Fall-themed appetizers and desserts can include foods that contain apples and pumpkins. For appetizers, hosts can serve apple-cheese spread, pumpkin-cheese balls, or spiced pumpkin seeds. For desserts, hosts can serve pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, or baked apples. And, they can also provide the Halloween staple – candy.

Make Hot Apple Cider and Offer Pumpkin- or Apple-Flavored Beverages

For many people, the autumn season is synonymous with apple cider. Therefore, hosts can make hot apple cider for their Halloween parties. And, if the guests are of the legal drinking age, then the hosts can add rum to the cider. Also, the hosts can offer pumpkin-flavored beverages, such as pumpkin beer and wine. For a special drink, the hosts can offer pumpkin or apple martinis.

From tasty fall cocktails to spooky decorations, there are several ways students can throw a fun and memorable Halloween party. Student hosts can decorate their party rooms with cobwebs and orange lights, and they can plan Halloween-themed games, such as trivia and dance contests. And, they can serve pumpkin- and apple-flavored food and drinks.

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