How to Find Free Halloween Coloring Sheets: Printable Coloring Pages of Ghosts, Pumpkins, Witches and More!

Looking for a rainy day activity for the kids? Try some printable Halloween coloring sheets, available for free on the web using one of the many Halloween crafts websites or via one of the many websites dedicated to offering free printable coloring sheets.

Halloween coloring pages are just like the pages of a coloring book. They’re less expensive than a coloring book, as there’s only the cost of paper and printer ink. And what’s more, free printable coloring pages for Halloween are great in that parents can select designs that are age-appropriate, so there won’t be any abandoned coloring books due to coloring pages that are too easy or too advanced for the child.

Wondering where to find free printable Halloween coloring pages? Consider some of the following sites.

Printable Coloring Pages for Halloween from has one of the largest online collections of free printable coloring sheets, including sheets for fall and Halloween. There are literally hundreds of categories of coloring pages for kids, from holidays, to animals, education and cartoon characters.

In addition to offering free printable coloring pages for Halloween, this site is also a great source of kids activities and arts and crafts projects for Halloween and it even features ideas for Halloween costumes!

Free Halloween Coloring Sheets from offers a wide array of free printables, including Halloween coloring pages. This site offers a broad selection of Autumn and Halloween images, from a frightening abominable snowman, to witches, ghosts, skulls, devils, Frankenstein, scarecrows, pumpkins and trick-or-treaters.

The available coloring sheets for Halloween are appropriate for a wide age range, so it’s possible to get coloring sheets for a toddler and for a six or seven-year-old all in one stop. For computer-savvy children, there’s even an online coloring feature that enables youngsters to complete coloring sheets using their computer’s mouse! is one site that has printables for lots of other themes as well, including coloring sheets with dinosaurs, flowers, horses, birds, cars, boats, trains, and coloring pages for characters like the PowerPuff Girls, Sesame Street, Barney and even princess coloring sheets. The site also has a wide selection of kids’ printables for other holidays, like Christmas, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving, along with religious-themed coloring sheets and printable activity sheets for toddlers and young children (i.e. connect the dots printables).

Printable Coloring Pages for Halloween at is a good site to visit for parents or caretakers who are seeking a very specific image for their child’s coloring project. Coloring.wa has free printable coloring pages for Halloween that are especially easy to browse because they’re organized by subject matter. Search Halloween coloring sheets of bats, spiders, vampires, witches, trick-or-treaters, ghosts and Jack-o-lanterns.

This site also features some unique and fairly complex coloring sheets in its miscellaneous section, including cats, a zombie, candles and a detailed haunted house image.

Like, also has many other free printable coloring pages available, with themes including the alphabet, birthdays, people, music, countries and culture, sports, and even Christian coloring sheets, along with color by number printables, dot puzzles and free kids games.

Ideas for Halloween Crafts With Printable Coloring Pages

Coloring sheets can be used as the basis of a child’s craft project for Halloween. With a bit of help from mom, dad, an older sibling or the babysitter, kids can shrink the printable coloring pages image so that it occupies just one-half or one-fourth of the page; the paper can then be folded into a homemade greeting card. Kids can color the Halloween image that comprises the front of the card and then a message can be written inside for the child’s grandparents, siblings, parents, friend, babysitter or teacher.

Another fun and cheap craft project involves creating a Halloween window hanging. The process begins by printing the coloring sheet image onto a piece of tracing paper. The child then colors the page and once complete, the image is cut out, leaving a one-inch border. A parent or older sibling can then help to make a cardboard frame for the image out of cardboard from a cereal box or shipping box. The child can decorate the cardboard with glue and glitter or by gluing colored paper onto the frame.

Once the frame is decorated, parents can help the youngster glue the tracing paper with the coloring sheet image onto the back of the frame. A hole is punched in the frame and a ribbon is threaded through the hole and it can then be hung in the window, creating a homemade Halloween window decoration.

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