How to Find Cool Christmas Presents for Teens: Popular Holiday Gift Ideas for Teenagers in High School and College

Parents and relatives search each year for holiday gifts ideas and cool Christmas presents that teenagers will find fantastic. This can be challenging because teens, especially those in high school, tend to desire the latest trends. What might be considered a popular holiday gift one day can be out of style the next. Read on for great ideas for cool Christmas presents for high school and college students.

Popular Holiday Gift Ideas for Teens Ages 15 and 16

Teens ages 15 and 16 are just starting high school, and many are looking to make new friends and fit in with peers. Any parent of a teenager in this age group knows that having the right style and great electronics is important to a teen. These Christmas present ideas are a great place to start holiday shopping.

  • Nail Salon Gift Certificate– Approximate cost: $25 to $50 should cover the cost. Many teenage girls love to have manicure and pedicures, though most do not have the money for such a luxury.
  • DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable– Approximate retail cost: $120. Similar to the widely popular Guitar Hero, DJ Hero is available for Playstation 2 and 3, along with Wii and Xbox 360. Comes with a turntable and over 100 songs to mix, and can also incorporate the Guitar Hero guitar.
  • American Eagle Outfitters Clothing- Approximate retail value: varies. American Eagle Outfitters clothing is extremely popular amongst high school girls and guys. Prices may cause sticker shock for some parents, but AEO does have regular sales and online special offers. Sign up online for their e-mail list or in a store for their mailing list to receive coupons.

Cool Christmas Presents for Teenagers Ages 17 and 18

Teens this age may be planning to start college or may have just started college. Others may have just graduated from high school and are trying to navigate the job market. These popular holiday gift ideas are great for the older teen that is starting life as an adult.

  • iPhone or Blackberry Storm– Approximate retail cost: $150 to $300 depending on phone. These may be pricey, but their apps will help teens headed off to college or the workforce immensely. The best deals can be found by purchasing a service plan along with the phone.
  • Digital Picture Frame– Approximate retail cost: $50 to $150, depending on quality. Whether a teen is going off to college or just loves hanging pictures in his or her bedroom, these picture frames will help show off pictures of friends and family.
  • USB Flash Drive– Approximate retail cost: $10 to $50, depending on amount of memory. These are especially useful for those without laptops. Great for transferring data from a computer lab to a dorm room or an office computer to home.

Teens can be challenging to shop for, whether they are in high school or just starting college or a job. Clothing, pampering items and fun electronics are great cool Christmas presents for high school teens. Electronics, such as phones, digital picture frames and computer accessories are popular holiday gift ideas for older teens.

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