Homemade Christmas Cards on a Budget

For the past five years, I have been making my own Christmas cards and find it an enjoyable, therapeutic way of escaping from the commercialisation of the holiday season. If you are trying to save money this year, or want a fun activity to share with the kids, why not make your own handmade Christmas cards.

Cheap Materials to Use for your Homemade Christmas Cards

Throughout the year, I collect scrap pieces of material so I have lots to use when it comes to making cards. These include:

  • Ribbon
  • Scrap gift paper
  • Cut-outs from magazines and newspapers
  • Buttons
  • Fabric

Birthdays are the best time to keep hold of ribbon from presents, around the cake or even pulled off cards. Embellishments and ribbon on birthday cards are also worth keeping hold of. You can also buy lots of materials very cheaply from a number of places.

What Other Materials You May Need to Buy

  • Blank Cards: To make your Christmas cards, you will of course need good quality card. This can be bought in packets which come as blank greeting cards with envelopes. Most craft and stationery shops will sell plain card.
  • Glitter: Christmas is a great excuse to use glitter! Your cards will look instantly more festive with a bit of glitter here and there.
  • Glue: A glue stick and PVA are the two types of glue you will need for your handmade cards.
  • Scissors and Craft Knife: You may need a craft knife for cutting out shapes on coloured card/paper. Make sure children are supervised when using a craft knife and scissors.

Where You Can Buy Materials From

My main sources for card making materials come from:

  • eBay: Lots of specialist suppliers sell bulk packs of card, stickers and embellishments much cheaper than the high street.
  • Wilkinsons: Packs of blank card sell for around £2-£3 in bundles of 10 and 20, and come in white or different colours in a number of different sizes. The children’s craft section has lots of bits and pieces you can use such as glitter and foam cut-outs.
  • Paperchase: Keep your eyes peeled during sale periods as you can get Christmas sticker packs and lovely patterned paper for only a few pounds.

Handmade Christmas Card Ideas: Quick and Easy

  • Patterned Paper: You can make a quick card by gluing a piece of Christmas themed paper to a blank card and decorating with different coloured glitter.
  • Christmas Scene with Stickers: For example, take a piece of blue card and stickers/cut-outs of penguins. Decorate with glitter and snowflake stickers to create a snowy, ice scene.
  • 3D Embellishments: These can make cards look more interesting and less ‘flat’. Star shapes with pins at the back can be pushed through a piece of card and look instantly Christmassy.

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