Hand Painted Christmas Cards

Before purchasing bulk greeting cards this holiday season, think about painting some Christmas cards for loved ones. Spend an afternoon creating beautifully designed cards for the holiday season.

Greeting Card Layout

Purchase greeting card blanks or card stock. Greeting card stocks are found at art and supply stores but can be quite expensive. A good tip is to buy the greeting cards at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon. These coupons can be found online; simply do a quick Google search. New coupons are updated on a variety of sites. Blank greeting cards are a good option as they are prefolded and often come with an envelope.

Another option is to buy card stock which is available at paper stores and discount stores. Card stock comes in a variety of colours and is a less expensive option. The pitfall of cardstock is the folding of the card. It takes a little practice to get the perfect fold seam. As well, envelopes will have to be purchased separately.

After selection of the card material, it is time to decide if the layout will be landscape or portrait. Landscape is the horizontal fold and portrait is the vertical fold. Fold the card if it is card stock.

Before putting paint to paper it is best to do a quick sketch of the card. Sketch the card and decide if it looks best in the landscape or portrait mode. After a quick sketch it is ideal to add a little colour with pencil crayons or markers to get a rough idea of the colour scheme for the card.

Christmas Designs

Ideas of the Christmas cards may be plentiful or sparse. If the ideas are limited do a Google search to get some ideas. As well, flip through holiday books for children. The cards can be a portrait of Santa Claus, a sparkling star, snow globe, reindeer hooves on top of a rooftop, or a Christmas stocking overflowing with gifts. Simplicity is key for the first holiday greeting card designs.

Painting Instructions

First, decide if the drawing will be painted with watercolour, tole paints, acrylic, or another medium of paint. The more common paints for first time painters are tole paints and watercolours.

Second, the drawing must be sketched onto the card stock or blank greeting card. Invest in a blue sketching pencil as it is lighter than lead pencils. Blue sketching pencils can be found at art supply stores and are inexpensive.

Once the sketch is complete it is time to paint. Paint according to the medium used. As well, enjoy the process and do not get caught up in perfection. The beauty of hand painted Christmas cards are the uniqueness of the style. Once painted, let dry before writing Christmas Messages.

Sending handmade holiday cards are a special touch. These cards are one of a kind and are keepsakes for the receivers. Enjoy painting Christmas cards and send to family and friends.

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