Hand Make a Charm Bracelet – A Perfect Christmas Gift

Throughout history, charm bracelets have been worn for many different reasons, some to protect the wearer against evil spirits or to bring them good luck and others can hold sentimental value through the many trinkets or travel mementos attached to them. During this day and age charm bracelets are a huge fashion trend among children through to adults in European countries. I made this charm bracelet with elastic, red beads and an assortment of silver plated charms that I had within my kit. Elastic is a cheap commodity and due to its elasticity it’s very versatile and can be worn easily by wearers of most wrist sizes. The following instructions are just a basic guide and are based on the charm bracelet I have made but any feature can easily be adapted to your own specifications.

Tools and materials required to make the elasticated charm bracelet

  • Flat-nose pliers
  • Blunt-nose pliers
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Heads-pins – 8
  • Threading needle
  • Measuring tool (cms)
  • Clear jewellery elastic – 22cms
  • Silver plated jumps rings 0.4mm – around 200+
  • Silver plated charms – 9 of various sizes
  • Beads – 1 red plastic round 15mm, 1 red plastic round 8mm, 2 red plastic round 7mm, 2 red plastic faceted 10mm, 2 red plastic faceted 7mm, 1 red plastic faceted heart pendant
  • 1 Silver plated pinch bail (to attach heart pendant to jump ring)
  • Bead caps – 6 (to decorate the larger beads)

Making the charm bracelet

  1. First tie a knot on the end of the elastic – the knot has to be larger than the diameter of the jump rings to prevent them sliding off.
  2. Thread the other end of the elastic through the threading needle.
  3. Thread the jump rings onto the needle and let them fall to the adjacent end of the elastic (I find it easier to have a pile of jumps rings on the table enabling the thread of several at a time)
  4. Keep threading jump rings until you have approximately 15cms in length.
  5. Unthread the elastic from the needle.
  6. Knot the 2 ends of elastic together firmly and securely.
  7. The basic bracelet is now made, put this to one side.
  8. Close the pinch bail into the hole of the heart pendant using flat-nose pliers and now put this to one side.
  9. Choose a jump ring from the bracelet and open it using the flat-nose pliers and blunt-nose pliers, making sure the jump ring doesn’t escape the bracelet – this can be tricky, but do persevere.
  10. Thread the jump ring through the hole in the top of the pinch bail on the heart pendant and close the jump ring using the flat-nose and blunt-nose pliers.
  11. You’ll now have a dangling heart pendant on your bracelet – well done, you’re half way there.
  12. Thread a head-pin through each of the beads, using 2 bead caps for each of the 3 largest beads.
  13. Take each pin in turn and bend at a right angle from the top of the bead using the round-nose pliers.
  14. Cut each head-pin about 1cm from the bead using the wire cutters.
  15. Curl the wire back on itself around the smooth round jaw of the round-nose pliers until a perfect loop is formed. A slight readjustment may be needed to centralise the loop, this can be done by using flat-nose pliers.
  16. Evenly space the red beads around the bracelet by repeating step 9 and threading the jump rings through the eyes of the recently formed head-pin loops, and then close jump rings again using the 2 other sets of pliers. Alternate the large and small beads to create a balance of weight and focus.
  17. Once all the beads are securely attached, the bracelet is beginning to blossom into shape – you’re doing great, nearly there.
  18. Between each of the red beads, attached a charm by fostering the same jump ring technique as above, be sure to balance out the size and weight of your charms as with the beads.
  19. Once all beads and charms are attached to your bracelet, your charm bracelet is now made, and it looks fab!!!

I always like to try a bracelet on before rendering it complete, so to see how it sits around the wrist and to make sure all trinkets lay nicely and to make any needed adjustments.

This bracelet can be a thoughtful gift for Christmas or Birthday…but after making it, you may even want to keep it for yourself!

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