Halloween Yard Decorations: Perfect Outdoor Halloween Party Décor

Halloween home décor does not have to be expensive. There are plenty of creative, homemade decorations that can be used for Halloween. Decorate with style, and your guests will never know the difference.

Halloween Craft: Create Halloween Yard Decorations at Home –Scarecrows and Hanged People

Halloween yard decorations can be created using old clothes, coffee cans and yarn or string. With a little time and work, your yard will be Halloween-party ready.

Start with old pairs of pants, tennis shoes and old shirts. Sew the outfits together to create human figures. With these outfits, you can create scarecrows and hanged people.

To make a Halloween scarecrow, sew a shirt to the old pants and shoes. Stuff the clothing with newspaper. Using a hot glue gun, affix pieces of hay or straw to the sleeve, pant and neck openings. Set the headless scarecrow in a chair, on a step or atop a bale of hay. Place a bowl of candy or pumpkin in his lap for added flair.

Follow the same beginning steps to create a hanged person. Once the clothing is stuffed with newspaper, attach a balloon or ball to the man’s head. Wrap a string around the man and hang him from an upper tree branch. Partygoers will be shocked when they arrive and see feet dangling from your tree.

When hanging the person in the tree, make sure he is hanged high enough so that people cannot play with the string or pull him down.

A hanged person also can be displayed from the inside of the house so that arriving guests see his feet dangling in from of windows. An indoor hanged person can be made two ways: with old clothes, similar to the outdoor man, or with silhouette paper.

To make an indoor hanged person using old clothes, sew the pants and shoes together and stuff with newspaper. Hang the legs in front of the window and lower the blinds so only the legs and feet can be seen, making it appear as if a person is hanging in front of the window.

To make a silhouette, cut black construction paper in the shape of legs and feet. Hang the large piece of paper in front of the window. Hang a white sheet between the legs and the window and shine a spot light on the pants. That way, the dark silhouette will show through the sheet to the street outside.

Outdoor Halloween Yard Decorations and Halloween Crafts: Luminaries and Spider Webs

If scarecrows, hanged people and legs aren’t your style that is OK. Luminaries, spider webs and proper lighting also will help to set the ambiance for your Halloween party.

To make luminaries, take old, metal coffee cans. Draw faces and shapes on the outside of the cans, and punch holes along the edges of the drawn shapes. Spray paint the cans orange and brush paint the shapes black. Place a votive candle in the center of the can and line your driveway or porch with the homemade decorations.

Traditionally, paper lunch-style bags have been used for luminaries. Should you decide to use paper bags, make sure you place rocks in the bottom of the bag to prevent the candle from tipping and the bag from blowing. While paper bags luminaries are easier to make then coffee can luminaries, please be aware that the paper bags present a much larger risk as the bags can easily catch fire. Take this into consideration when thinking about paper bag luminaries.

Spider webs can bring a special touch to your outdoor Halloween decorations. To make a spider web, use 6-8 pieces of string, tied or tacked to trees, porch posts or sticks. It doesn’t really matter where the strings are tied in place as long as they cross one another in the middle.

Once the beginning strings have been tied in place, take another string and, beginning in the middle, spiral outward, making larger circles as you go. Tie a knot each time you cross one of the original 6-8 strings. This way, the spiral string will stay in place. White yarn works very well for this decoration.

Finishing Touches: Creating the Perfect Halloween Atmosphere

After you have some great outdoor decorations, all you need are finishing touches. Create the perfect mood by setting up small spotlights throughout the yard. Instead of illuminating the entire yard, place them so they create spooky shadow and dark spots in corners, behind trees and behind bushes.

Music also can help to set the ambiance. Set up a stereo on the front porch or in the garage and play thunderstorm sounds or other spooky music all night long.

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