Halloween Treat Bags to Make: Creative Paper Craft for Kids Turns an Envelope into a Favor Holder

Trick or treat? How about both? An easy folding trick will turn an ordinary envelope into a Halloween party favor bag in minutes in this origami craft. Add a few embellishments to make it spooky, funny, or just plain fun.

A treat bag is a perfect children’s craft for the classroom. It folds together quickly, all the students can do it, and it gives them a place to put their goodies. It’s also a great way to have a child get involved in decorating for a party at home. Making mini treat bags can be a fun project for family craft night.

Items Needed for a Halloween Treat Bag

  • An envelope
  • Glue
  • Fabric ribbon or curling ribbon
  • Decorating items: markers, scraps of construction paper, stickers, stars, glitter, etc.

If a stencil isn’t available, a pumpkin cutout is simple to make as well as a bat or ghost. Fold a black piece of tissue paper in half. Draw the shape of half of the pumpkin, bat, or ghost. Cut out the shape, keeping the folded side together. When unfolded, the Halloween cutout will only need the eyes and mouths added with scissors.

Decorate the Envelope That Will be the Treat Bag

  • Glue, color, or otherwise decorate the envelope.
  • Leave a one inch margin around the edges of the envelope.
  • Cut the short edge of the envelope with fancy scissors to create a fun edge.

Fold the Treat Bag

  • Fold the right side of the bag, one half inch deep, top to bottom.
  • Fold the left side the same way.
  • Fold the sides again, the opposite direction, to sharpen the crease.
  • Fold the bottom of the bag, one inch deep.
  • Fold the bottom the opposite way, to sharpen the crease.
  • Place one hand inside the envelope, and with the other, push the folds outward.
  • Press the bottom of the bag upward. Two small triangles will form at the edges.
  • Glue the triangles down to the bottom of the bag.

Add the Ribbon to the Halloween Bag

  • Hold the top edges together and punch holes in the top for a ribbon.
  • String the ribbon through the holes, making a handle.
  • If using curling ribbon, curl the ribbon with the edge of a scissor blade.

This little paper craft idea for kids can be adapted to make treat bags for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, or any other holiday. They also make thoughtful packaging for general gift giving. Just decorate it creatively to fit the occasion.

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