Halloween Spider Web Decoration: Make a String Ornament

String balloons create delicate ornaments and can be made year-round in a variety of colors. Use them to decorate for birthdays or during different holidays. For Halloween, they make perfect spider webs. Decorate the outside of the finished web with plastic spiders or craft a spider from an egg carton cup and chenille stems.

String Balloon

Blow up a balloon and tie of the end. For a spider web, cut up white string (crochet thread works well) into pieces approximately twelve inches long, although longer or shorter will work. Spread newspaper over the work area. Pour some white glue into a shallow bowl or pan and mix in about half as much water in with the glue.

Dip the string, one piece at a time, into the glue mixture. Squeegee the excess glue by pulling the thread between thumb and index finger. Place the strings on the balloon by draping them over the balloon. Crisscross the strings around the balloon. Continue adding string. Some of the balloon should still show through the gaps created by the strings.

Since fingers will get really sticky during this project, take frequent breaks to wash hands. If the strings slip along the balloon when it is moved, allow one section to dry for thirty minutes or so before shifting the balloon.

Place the string balloon on a piece of aluminum foil to dry for a day or two. If possible, tie a long piece of string from the tied-off end of the balloon and suspend from a spot where the balloon will hang free as it dries. When the glue dries, pop the balloon if it hasn’t already shriveled. Pull out the popped balloon. Push any collapsed sections of string back into place.

Egg Carton Spiders

For each spider, cut apart one egg cup from a cardboard carton. Set on newspaper and paint inside and outside with black poster or tempera paint. Allow to dry. Cut apart two black chenille stems in half. Poke a push pin eight times into the dried egg cup. Push each of the chenille stems through two of the holes. Continue until the spider has eight legs. Bend the chenille stems to hold them in place.

Glue on eight wiggly eyes or add eight dots of white paint. Use a toothpick dipped in paint to keep the dots small. Attach the spider’s legs to the string balloon. To hang the spider, poke the push pin into the center top of the egg cup and thread through string. Tie a knot inside the egg cup and tie the other end to the web.

Spider Web Ornament

Decorate the outside of the string balloon with plastic spiders. Trim a hole at the top of the balloon and tuck some of the spiders inside. Make a spider with an egg carton cup and chenille stems and set inside or outside the web (or dangle from a string hanging beneath the ornament). Tie a piece of string or fishing line to the ornament and hang.

This string balloon ornament creates a delicate object that can be made in different colors for any event. Made in white and decorated with spiders, it is a perfect decoration for Halloween.

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