Halloween Party Planning Ideas for Teens: October 31 Creepy Holiday Themes and Decor Tips for Teenager Parties

Everyone has been to a Halloween party featuring black and orange décor with black bats hanging from strings and carved pumpkins with creepy faces sitting on the front porch. This traditional type of party is fun, but might be a bit boring for teen dances or parties.

Most teenagers want something a little surprising, scary, and more mature than white paper ghosts and rubber spiders. They want something unique…and most of all, they want to have fun hanging out with their friends. The following ideas are just a tad west of normal and different enough to make even the dead sit up and take notice.

Theme Ideas for a Teen Halloween Party or Dance

Putting a twist on the traditional gives a gathering a spark and some flair. Consider some of these themes, or brainstorm some of your own.

  • A party in a “haunted” house (set-up the party area to look abandoned and spooky)
  • An evening of visiting homes for trick or treating (with each host coming up with a creepy activity or food, somewhat like a progressive dinner)
  • A horror movie marathon night (think classic black and white Frankenstein and Dracula films or more modern (and/or humorous versions), such as Young Frankenstein, The Addams Family, or Love at First Bite.
  • A murder mystery event (available in pre-written scripts and kits)

To keep things a bit lighter, themes and ideas include having a polka-dot party, a game night, a dance with a cool DJ (playing the song Monster Mash is essential), or a fancy masquerade party (where identities are kept under wraps). Another cool idea is to have someone do face painting.

Of course, a costume contest is always fun. Think up crazy categories, like most hilarious, best hair, most in sync with the party theme, and others. For costume ideas, see The Stupidest Halloween Costumes Ever.

Unique Oct. 31 Party Theme Colors for Teenagers

For theme colors other than orange and black, think creepy and dark, but unexpected. Most will include black as the standard scariest color, but anything goes.

Some awesome combinations include:

  • Black and white with red accents
  • Black and silver, with lots of shine and glitz
  • Pure black. From the party goods to the curtains, keep everything in the party area as darkly colored as possible.
  • Black and red can be very classy or frighteningly eerie.
  • White is very interesting. White sheets are easy to obtain and will give any area a haunted feeling when draped over furniture.
  • Monsters and witches may feel at home with green and black dominating the room.

Pulling Together the Halloween Party Ideas

Some ways to bring in color and theme ideas include using balloons, streamers, cups and party ware, tablecloths, dyed cheesecloth or other fabric, lighting, flowers, food, candy, cake, punch, and freaky or theme-related decorations.

Whatever the choices made for a teen Halloween party, it is sure to be extra special when good friends are invited. Get those themed party invitations sent out and the party has begun.

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