Halloween Party Decorations: Ideas for Decorating a House Indoors and Outdoors at Halloween

Halloween parties can be spectacular with a little forward planning and creativity. There are many types of Halloween party decorations which can be made or bought to make October 31st a night to remember.

Exterior Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween party decorations do not have to be confined to inside a house. Guests can be greeted on their way to the front door by all kinds of spooky surprises.

  • Pumpkins, with a variety of differently carved faces, can be placed along the edge of the path lighting the route to the door.
  • An eerie mist effect can be produced by using a smoke machine. This can be concealed behind a small bush, pumpkin or other decoration.
  • A spider’s web suspended across the path can startle guests. They are easily made from fabric available from all good craft shops. Alternatively, smaller spider’s webs can be made from pipecleaners and thread.
  • Tombstones, carved out of polystyrene blocks and painted, have the effect of turning a garden into a graveyard for the evening.
  • Pieces of string can be suspended from overhanging trees to rub against unsuspecting guests as they walk under them.
  • A scarecrow can easily be fashioned from some wood and straw.

Interior Halloween Party Decorations

Indoors there are almost endless opportunities to surprise guests with novel Halloween party decorations. Every room presents an opportunity to use hair-raising props and effects.

  • Pumpkins can also be placed indoors, on window ledges or tables. It is important to ensure that they are securely fixed and out of reach of young children.
  • Ornate candelabras can add to the Halloween atmosphere. Allow candles to burn in them before the party, leaving them covered in wax.
  • Black card or paper can be used to cut out various Halloween shapes, such as bats, cats and giant spiders. Many websites offer free Halloween stencils.
  • Well chosen lighting gives a house an eerie feel. Black and red bulbs, for example, can be used to set the mood.
  • Lifesize card skeletons are widely available at Halloween and. If placed in unusual places, such as on the back of the bathroom door, they can provide guests with an unexpected shock.
  • Witch’s brooms are easily made from some twigs bound together with twine and attached to a wooden handle.
  • Using some cardboard a coffin can be constructed. It can then be painted and a skeleton placed inside. Three dimensional skeletons are one of the more expensive Halloween party decorations, but well worth the cost.

These are just a few suggestions for Halloween party decorations. Some thoughtful decorating can go a long way to creating a spooky atmosphere. Halloween sound effect recordings can also be used to add to the atmosphere. Organising a party for Halloween can require a lot of planning but guests will hopefully appreciate the effort involved and talk about it for a long time.

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