Halloween Handprint Spider Kids’ Art Activity

Halloween kids’ arts projects can reflect the season, focus on scary creatures, or just be fun and creative forms of expression. If your little one is getting excited for this imaginative holiday, then start out the celebration by working on a themed art project. The handprint spider kids’ art activity is a simple project that children from toddlers to teens can try.

Art Materials Needed for the Halloween Handprint Spider Project

Parents should help their kids to gather the necessary materials prior to beginning the art project. Make sure to only use non-toxic and age appropriate crafting items with your child. This means that all paints (and other materials) should be clearly labeled as safe for children. Additionally, parents should consult the manufacturers label for an age safe product.


  • tempera or finger paints
  • thick and thin paint brushes
  • tray or other flat art surface
  • construction paper
  • optional: glitter

Steps to Create the Halloween Kids’ Craft Project


Before starting this children’s’ art activity make sure to properly prepare the work space area. Choose a space that can get messy. For example, try working in the kids’ playroom, the kitchen, or even outdoors on a picnic table.

Even if you are using a workspace that can get messy, you may still want to protect any nearby furniture. Cover a table that you are working on with a layer of reused newspaper or an art drop cloth.

Prepare an art tray. Reuse an old Styrofoam vegetable tray (avoid any Styrofoam tray that once held meat, poultry, or fish products) or purchase an inexpensive washable plastic tray that can be used time and again for art projects. Pour small puddles of paint onto the tray. Use a basic black for the spider art or jazz up your child’s creation by giving her other colors to choose from.

Art Process Steps

  1. Give your child a large or thick paint brush. Help her to paint the palm and underside of all of her fingers on one hand. Press your child’s hand firmly onto the construction paper. Make sure that the thumb is in the center, this will be part of the spider’s head. The other four fingers will be half of the spider’s eight legs.
  2. Repeat for the other hand. Both thumb prints should come together to form one large head.
  3. Have your child use a thin paint brush to add eyes and other embellishments such as pattern markings.
  4. Optional: Mix a small amount of glitter in with the paint for added sparkle. For a Halloween feel, try orange glitter mixed in with black tempera paint.

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