Halloween Edible Pumpkin Craft

Creating this entirely edible Halloween Pumpkin is a fun craft for the whole family and delicious, too!

Nothing says Halloween like decorated pumpkins and tons of candy. This Halloween craft project creates a fun pumpkin perfect for decorating and eating. As adorable, or in some cases spooky, as this pumpkin becomes, it may be hard to eat! However, because it needs to be eaten as soon as possible due to the open candy, this edible craft is perfect as a Halloween party activity. This children’s craft requires melting candy in an oven. Parents should complete this part of the project and allow the candy proper cooling time before allowing the children to complete the Halloween pumpkin.

Halloween Edible Pumpkin Craft Supplies

  • Sandwich baggies
  • Orange peppermints
  • Brown peppermints
  • Wax paper
  • Pencil
  • Cookie sheet
  • Butter knife
  • White cake icing
  • Assortment of candies such as Skittles, Reece Pieces, M&Ms, miniature candy bars, Candy Corn, etc.

Halloween Kids’ Craft Instructions

  1. Each Halloween, candies take on new colors and decorations. Among these holiday transformations, individually wrapped peppermints are offered in both orange and brown. Place several unwrapped orange peppermints into a sandwich baggie and crush into smaller pieces, using a rolling pin or another hard object. Repeat in a separate sandwich baggie for the brown peppermint.
  2. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Whenever you are cooking with kids, parental assistance and constant supervision is strongly suggested.
  3. Tear off each child an piece of wax paper. The size of the paper determines the size of the Halloween pumpkin.
  4. Let each child draw a large pumpkin, complete with stem, onto the wax paper or trace a pumpkin stencil. This Halloween craft can be completed as one large pumpkin or several small pumpkins on the same sheet of wax paper. Place the completed pumpkin onto a cookie sheet.
  5. Let the children fill the inside of each Halloween pumpkin with the broken pieces of orange peppermint and the stem with the crushed brown peppermint.
  6. Place each candy pumpkin into the preheated oven for five to seven minutes or until the peppermints have melted. Keep in mind the peppermints may melt outside the pumpkin’s outline. Remove the melted candy pumpkins from the heat. Allow the pumpkins to cool.
  7. While the melted peppermints are still somewhat soft, parents should use a butter knife to work the candy back into the pumpkin shape. The outline should be entirely visible. Children should not complete this step to avoid burns. Allow the pumpkin to continue cooling until the candy has returned to its normal, hard state.
  8. Give each child an assortment of candies and a small amount of white icing. The children will have a ball dipping the bite sized candies into the icing and decorating their very orange Halloween pumpkins. Large candies, such as candy bars, can be broken into pieces for decorating.
  9. Let the decorated Halloween craft sit until the icing has hardened, adhering the candy decorating to the pumpkin.

These yummy candy pumpkins will gently lift off the wax paper in one piece for a fun, adorable snack. This Halloween craft uses inexpensive ingredients and supplies to create a delicious treat for all your little trick or treaters!

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