Halloween Decorations: Transform Your Home

Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone is starting to think about the best way to spook up their house. This is the first of a series of articles that can shed some light on a variety of ways to decorate for this favorite time of year. Some are aimed at the kid in all of us, others are targeted at a more adult interpretation of Halloween decor, while others focus on the abundance of Mother Nature in the autumn. No matter which style of Halloween decorating you chose to implement, make the extra effort to personalize it for your family’s enjoyment. Halloween Decorating is a treat for all!

Halloween Decorating Themes

  • Kid Friendly: this is the type of decorating that appeals to the squeamish folks at heart. A fun approach to ghosts and ghouls is taken in this model — for a better perspective, think of Casper the Friendly Ghost as opposed to Beetlejuice
  • Harvest Splendor: this type of Halloween theme presents some of the traditional scary elements, but truly focuses on the bounty of nature and natural plant materials
  • Maximum Creep Factor: this Halloween style exists to scare the daylights out of anyone who dares to venture nearby. If you have a lot of small children in your neighborhood or people who don’t enjoy visions of creepiness visiting your home, this may not be the best choice of decorating style, as it may be too frightening.
  • Tongue in Cheek Spooktacular: This style of decorating appeals to any of us who enjoy slapstick humor, a clever pun, or a good old-fashioned pratfall! In order to make this style effective, it must be implemented with total abandonment and joy!

Decorating Supplies

  • No matter which style of Halloween decorating you choose for your home, you will need some standard supplies. These supplies should be part of your party resource closet, and can be used throughout the year to assemble your miscellaneous displays.
  • Suggested supplies include: lengths of gauze fabric or cheesecloth, lengths of black fabric, staple gun and staples, collection of plastic and terra cotta pots, lengths of white or off white muslin, sheets of fun foam in Halloween colors, bricks or other weatherproof weights, stakes of varying lengths, hammer, scissors, black permanent marker, disposable tin pie plates, pipe cleaners, bushel baskets, scrap plywood, heavy duty twine or fishing line, paint, extension cords, Christmas lights in a clear, purple, orange.
  • Please note that not all supplies will be used in each decorating theme.

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