Halloween Decorating Ideas: Decorating For a Fun and Spooky Halloween

Halloween is a holiday enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Many adults enjoy finding their inner child and indulging in costumes and candy. Parents have fun creating costumes and making jack-o-lanterns with their children. Decorating for Halloween is another way to enjoy the holiday.

Halloween Decorating Themes

Many people have pre-conceived ideas about Halloween decorating. Thoughts of plastic skeletons hanging in corners and witches brooms come to mind. While these are all well and good, Halloween decorating can take many forms.

A harvest theme is popular, particularly among people who wish to avoid the “spookier” aspects of Halloween. Pumpkins, scarecrows, sunflowers, hay bales and corn stalks are some basic items to have on hand when creating a harvest theme.

A more classic Halloween look can be created using goblins, ghouls, witches etc. Another idea is to focus on one aspect of the “scary” Halloween themes. For example, a front lawn could be turned into a graveyard by making fake tombstones and hanging chiffon or tulle ghosts from the trees.

A house could be decorated in an old, gothic theme for a classically spooky Halloween look. Old candlesticks, painting, knick-knacks and artwork can be found at low prices at thrift stores. These can be used to give the house a cluttered look and then draped liberally with fake spiderwebs that can be bought at dollar stores. Black paper can be cut to create false drapery for the windows for a dark, ornate look.

When decorating for parties it is often the little things that truly add flair and authenticity to the ambiance. For example, taper candles in candlesticks might be used to decorate a table but adding fake webbing to the candlesticks will add a lot to the Halloween atmosphere.

Some other small ideas that go a long way in creating a spooky atmosphere include:

  • spiderwebs in the corners and on the ceiling
  • cut out silhouettes of mice that are stuck to baseboards
  • a soundtrack of howling wind playing in the background
  • rubber or plastic spiders placed along windowsills and in corners
  • punch, juice or pop can be placed in a punch bowl which is then placed in another bowl that has some dry ice and water in the bottom. This simulates the effect of a bubbling witches brew being served.

Young children may find some of the Halloween themes frightening. In this case it might be better for parents to focus on using the harvest themes or happy looking pumpkins in their home decorating.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Simple jack-o-lanterns can be made by cutting out triangle eyes and jagged teeth. With a little creativity and some simple templates, jack-o-lanterns can become a whole new art form.

A quick online search will yield many different kinds of templates that can be used for carving jack-o-lanterns. These are also available at dollar stores. From tombstones, to bat silhouettes and spiderwebs, jack-o-lanterns come in all shapes and patterns today.

For a festive look, create many jack-o-lanterns in several different sizes that can be placed all over the yard or garden. Gourds and squash can also be carved to add some diversity to the look. Pumpkins and gourds can also be painted for a different look.

Decorating for Halloween can be simple or extravagant as desired. Whatever the chosen theme, it is a simple way to add to the fun of Halloween.

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