Halloween Crafts and Activities for Kids: Family Craft Projects, Autumn Activities and Recipes for Halloween

Looking for a fun Halloween craft project, recipe or Halloween activity for the kids? Parents and kids can decorate pumpkins, cook Halloween recipes and more.

Autumn is a time for back-to-school and that leaves many parents looking for fun fall and Halloween activities that will allow parents and children to spend some quality time together. Fortunately, there are an array of Halloween craft projects, fall-themed activities and Halloween recipes that can serve as the basis for a fun activity for kids and parents.

Halloween crafts, recipes and other Autumn-themed activities don’t need to be expensive; in fact, these fall craft ideas and activities will cost little or no money, making them perfect for a family on a budget. What’s more, many of these Halloween crafts and activities for kids are educational, teaching youngsters how to cook, sew, paint, and how to use the internet for research.

Design and Make a Homemade Halloween Costume

Save money on a Halloween costume by making a costume at home. Homemade Halloween costumes are unique and affordable, and finding a costume idea and bringing that idea to life makes for a fun weekend activity for kids and parents.

Begin by brainstorming some ideas for a homemade Halloween costume; the internet is a great resource for finding ideas and inspiration for a costume. Parents and kids can then work together to pick out the materials and then construct the homemade Halloween costume

This Halloween craft activity provides children with a chance to be creative and imaginative, while also teaching the child valuable skills like how to make a plan, how to follow directions, how to use the internet to perform research, or how to sew.

Find Printable Halloween Coloring Sheets Online

Printable coloring sheets are a great rainy day activity for children. Parents can also print out a Halloween coloring sheet for their own use; coloring with the child will serve as a great opportunity to chat about school, friends and other aspects of the child’s life.

Coloring is a great activity for children as it promotes artistic expression and improves eye-hand coordination. Parents can also teach a child how to use the internet for research by involving the child in the search for printable Halloween coloring pages on the web. Younger children can learn more basic computer skills, like how to use the mouse to interact with websites and how to print.

Free printable Halloween coloring pages can be found on websites like and

Cook Halloween Recipes During the Month of October

Halloween recipes are everywhere on the web and the fun, sometimes grotesque nature of Halloween foods appeals to children. So making Halloween recipes at home is a great way to teach children how to cook and follow a recipe.

Halloween foods can be simple or more complex. One quick, easy option that’s great for young children involves making Halloween cookies from Pillsbury Halloween Sugar Cookie dough. Or parents can try some other simple Halloween recipes for items like a Halloween cookie pizza, which is made from a sheet of cookie dough covered with candy corn.

Then, there are more time-consuming and complex Halloween recipes that may appeal to older children. Some ideas include a kitty litter box cake, boogers on a stick, edible eyeballs, and homemade Halloween lollipops.

There are also more traditional autumn recipes, like pumpkin pie, candy apples or baked pumpkin seeds. These fall and Halloween recipes are great parent-child activities for the weekend. Families can even commit to making a Halloween or Autumn-themed food item once a week during the entire month of October. For an even spookier evening, consider eating the Halloween meal by candle light or by the light of a spooky Jack-o-Lantern!

Paint or Carve a Jack-O-Lantern With the Kids

No Halloween home is complete without a Jack-o-Lantern! Younger children can paint their Jack-o-Lantern, while older children can learn the art of pumpkin carving.

The web is a great place to find printable pumpkin carving patterns; these can be used to create a pattern for the child to paint. Pumpkin stencils can also be used as a guide for carving the pumpkin. Some printable Jack-o-Lantern patterns are very complex and intricate – enough so to amuse even the most artistic teen!

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