Halloween Chairs: decorating your dining room

Materials needed:

Approx 3 yards or Orange felt


sewing machine

three sheet so black stick on felt

optional green felt, hot glue, needle and thread

Measure your diningroom chairs across the back. Cut the felt to make a square the measurement of the chairs plus 3 inches. If you use the fold on top you need to sew up the sides. Otherwise sew up three sides. Turning right side out, slide one over each chair. These are your pumpkins.

Take the black felt and cut out eyes, nose and mouth for the pumpkins. Peel backing and stick them to the back of the chair on the pumpkins.

You can stop there or using the green felt, gather it with a needle and thread to make a stem. Stuff it with the tiny felt scaps. Hot glue to the top of the chair.

If you really want to go over the top you can attach grapevines to wind around each one.

You can also use a different color and make ghosts or witches. Have fun.

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