Halloween Ceramic Craft Projects

Let your creativity run wild this Halloween with ceramic crafts that will startle and delight. These projects are perfect for a ceramic novice, but can also be fun for ceramic pros.

Blood Splatter Dishes

This project can be completed at home without the use of a kiln. Simply purchase white dishes at a thrift store. Also purchase some cheap paint brushes and red Porcelaine 150 paint. Porcelaine 150 paint can be applied to ceramics or glass and baked to a permanent finish in a home oven.

Cover your work space and wear old clothes when working on this project. Also make sure to thoroughly wash and dry all dishes before starting. Also keep some paper towels and a small cup of water on hand.

Start by laying out one piece of the white dishware. Dip a paint brush in the red paint and use the brush to flick and drip the paint onto the white dishware. Remember that less is more and one small splatter may be enough to drive home the effect. Set the piece aside to dry and repeat until all pieces are decorated.

Finally bake the paint onto the dishes by placing them in a 300 degree Fahrenheit oven for 30 minutes. Once baked and cooled, the design will be permanently affixed to the dishes. The paint is non-toxic and can withstand microwave and dishwasher use.

Pumpkin Coil Pots

To create this project start by using the coil technique to create a rounded vessel that spirals to a close at the top. Use a smoothing tool to smooth out the outer surface of the vessel. Once the piece is created, allow it to set under a bag for around one hour.

Next use a piece of thick string to create the natural lines of a pumpkin. Do this by extending the string from the base to the top of the vessel. Then slightly pull the string at the top, applying pressure to the clay. Use a smoothing tool the further indent and accentuate the pumpkin curves.

Let the piece harden to leather hard and then carefully cut off the top with a knife. Cut at an angle down into the pumpkin so that the top will be able to set securely on the base. Smooth out the edges with a little water.

You can add some final touches such as a stem and leaves. Simply score and slip the pieces onto the pumpkin. If desired, you can also cut out pieces to create a Jack O’ Lantern.

Finally fire and glaze the pot as normal. Make sure not to glaze the parts of the lid and base that touch. Also make sure not to glaze the base.

Create Spooky Crafts for Halloween

Enjoy these spooky crafts that will last for many Halloween seasons. Friends and family will be amazed by your creativity and you will love the finished result of these crafts.

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